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[5:08] <mattsanc> hi all, is anyone active?
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[15:12] <pkull> Hello! I'm having trouble setting up a jython virtualenv. Is anyone here to answer questions? :)
[15:15] <pkull> I ran virtualenv -p jython jython-env and there appeared to be no module named pip http://pastebin.com/x7dmbHFT
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[15:48] <pkull> Appearently the jython executable in my virtualenv cannot find the pip module (but the jython executable outside of the virtualenv can) http://pastebin.com/PdBQ6SwD
[15:48] <agronholm> pkull: you have jython 2.7?
[15:48] <pkull> yes
[15:49] <agronholm> have you tried launching virtualenv from jython?
[15:49] <pkull> See my previous paste http://pastebin.com/x7dmbHFT
[15:50] <pkull> I think virtualenv -p jython jython-env is the way to do it
[15:50] <agronholm> so you didn't
[15:50] <agronholm> let me try the same
[15:50] <pkull> What should I do differently to launch virtualenv from jython?
[15:51] <agronholm> there's a virtualenv command in the bin directory
[15:51] <agronholm> http://pastebin.com/n9tAPQnC
[15:52] <agronholm> you will want to get the latest versions of the relevant tools
[15:52] <agronholm> the toolchain didn't work right until pip 7.1.1
[15:52] <agronholm> I have the latest versions installed, that's probably why it works here
[15:57] <pkull> It worked for me too, now
[15:57] <pkull> Thanks!
[15:58] <agronholm> jython bundles a specialized version of pip but that is no longer necessary as of 7.1.1
[15:58] <agronholm> so it's safe to upgrade
[15:59] <pkull> Should I install jip once I activated my virtualenv?
[16:00] <pkull> Ah, jip is the specialized version of pip that is no longer necessary?
[16:00] <agronholm> jip?
[16:00] <pkull> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/jip
[16:00] <agronholm> I've never heard of this before
[16:01] <pkull> So I assume it is not necessary :=)
[16:01] <agronholm> looks like it installs maven artifacts too, which is cool
[16:20] <pkull> There is also a problem with pip executable inside the virtualenv: http://pastebin.com/zgZNhU8d
[16:23] <pkull> So I guess that virtualenv did not create the right kind of pip executable
[16:28] <pkull> I just manually copied the executable from outside the virtualenv...
[16:34] <pkull> And got my ass kicked yet again... http://pastebin.com/Z0jzdgPk
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