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[19:04] <gash_> hello... would anyone in here be willing to answer a question relating to the use of numpy/scipy in jython?
[19:13] <agronholm> you can try
[19:17] <gash_> well I spent some time reading further on the jython website...
[19:18] <gash_> jython is java on the python platform... for some reason I thought I had found a way to call python code from Java
[19:18] <gash_> which is what I would like to do
[19:19] <gash_> I have large datasets in java that I would like to process using python
[19:19] <gash_> is jython for me?
[19:19] <agronholm> gash_: jython is not really good for speed
[19:19] <gash_> large in this case means in the 500-1000MB range
[19:19] <gash_> speed is not a factor
[19:19] <agronholm> and I don't think numpy works on jython
[19:20] <gash_> oh
[19:20] <gash_> i see :(
[19:20] <agronholm> it relies heavily on C code which we don't really support
[19:20] <gash_> so it needs to be called using JNI somehow?
[19:21] <agronholm> the thing won't even install because it tries to build a C extension which doesn't work on jython
[19:21] <agronholm> so forget about numpy on jython
[19:21] <gash_> ok
[19:21] <gash_> thank you for the very prompt response!
[19:21] <agronholm> np
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