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[13:50] <zesus_> I am having a weird problem with jython 2.7 jar and Robot Frameworks maven plugin.
[13:50] <zesus_> I am getting occasionally at the end of execution a bunch of errors like these: Exception in thread "Jython-Netty-Client-6" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/python/netty/util/concurrent/DefaultPromise$2
[13:51] <zesus_> It does not happen always. If I forcefully call _socket._shutdown_threadpool() before the maven execution ends, there are no such errors.
[13:52] <zesus_> My current understanding is that, jython 2.7 registers a netty threadpool shutdown with sys.registerCloser in _socket
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[13:54] <zesus_> and the methods registered with sys.registerCloser get called I guess when Maven classloader no longer allows loading classes from any scope...
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[13:54] <zesus_> pretty difficult to debug this, because of maven. Has anyone run into anything like this before?
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[14:04] <agronholm> peke: thoughts?
[14:08] <zesus_> actually writing this stuff here, made me realize where the issue is.
[14:09] <zesus_> I need to make sure that cleanup method needs to be called while maven classloader still is in compile scope.
[14:09] <zesus_> on PythonInterpreter object that is.
[14:21] <zesus_> this is a bug in robot framework itself actually. It creates a PythonInterpreter and just lets the automatic close to do cleanup. This didnt cause problems before, but now with jython 2.7 having the netty pool, it can now cause errors when the classloader is no longer valid when the automatic cleanup happens.
[14:23] <zesus_> anyways, I'm one of the Robot developers. So off to fix robot ->
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[20:02] <Adniel> Hello channel. I am trying to use jython for the first time to create a form with a button that makes http request using Pyton Requests. When using jyton interactive the code works but when running the same code from a file it fails with the following stacktrace: http://pastebin.com/uAhgpWFr
[20:06] <Adniel> Is the excution handled differently when executing the same code in interactive mode?
[20:27] <agronholm> Adniel: since your frame is not modal, the script exits right after .show()
[20:27] <agronholm> and that's hardly what you want, is it?
[20:30] <agronholm> Adniel: you may be interested in my swingutils library
[20:30] <agronholm> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/jython-swingutils/2.1.1
[20:31] <Adniel> Aha.. I have not used swing earlier either. So correct, that is not what I want right. I'll take a look at swingutils. Thank you.
[20:32] <agronholm> there are examples in the repository
[20:32] <agronholm> https://github.com/jython/swingutils/tree/master/examples
[21:23] <Adniel> Hmm... `easy_install jython-swingutils` gives me `error: RELEASE: No such file or directory`, and `pip` does not find any packages at all. Maybe I still miss some experience or config to get jython working well.
[21:25] <agronholm> Adniel: pip finds nothing? that's odd
[21:26] <agronholm> Adniel: worked fine for me
[21:26] <agronholm> pip install jython-swingutils
[21:27] <Adniel> I guess it should. But There is something with Urllib3 and SSL that I need to fix I guess. Or ignore somehow.
[21:27] <agronholm> ignore
[21:28] <agronholm> Adniel: what exactly did pip tell you?
[21:29] <Adniel> http://pastebin.com/wka2Q75C
[21:30] <agronholm> that's insane
[21:33] <Adniel> Yes. It is. But this day I am starting to getting used to the insanity :)
[21:34] <Adniel> I am "strongly recommended to upgrade to a newer Pyton version, or use pyOpenSSL", but I guess I am using the lates jython? Or is it realted to my system installed python?
[21:35] <agronholm> https://bpaste.net/show/b60cf4bd21a0
[21:35] <agronholm> (jpip is an alias I made to jython's pip)
[21:35] <xemdetia> it sounds like they did something silly
[21:35] <xemdetia> if you are using java you are using a JCE crypto provider
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[21:35] <xemdetia> openssl isn't relevant
[21:39] <Adniel> jython-swingutils installs fine using pip with Python 2.7.9
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[21:43] <Adniel> installed with wheel, which seems to work. But I do not like pip failing.
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