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[3:55] * welder is having trouble calling a Python function from a Java project...
[3:56] <welder> I tried using clamp to generate class files for the Python module, then included the class files as a library in the Java project
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[11:38] <Cecil> On the site of SQLAlchemy it says that Jython is not supported anymore. That means you have to use JDBC?
[11:38] <agronholm> Cecil: where?
[11:38] <agronholm> that may predate the jython 2.7 launch
[11:40] <Cecil> agronholm, http://docs.sqlalchemy.org/en/rel_1_0/intro.html -> Supported Platforms: Platforms that don?t currently have support include Jython, IronPython. Jython has been supported in the past and may be supported in future releases as well, depending on the state of Jython itself.
[11:41] <agronholm> I haven't exactly run the sqlalchemy test suite on jython, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work on 2.7
[11:44] <Cecil> I will try it later. First I have to find out how to get it installed for Python 3. (It is only installed for 2.7.)
[11:44] <agronholm> it's installed the same way?
[11:45] <agronholm> just launch pip on python3
[11:49] <Cecil> You mean instead of: pip install SQLAlchemy
[11:49] <Cecil> python3 pip install SQLAlchemy
[11:49] <agronholm> do you have pip installed on python 3?
[11:49] <agronholm> if so, you may have a "pip3" command
[11:52] <Cecil> Ah, how dumb am I? Yes, pip3 worked.
[11:53] * Cecil is hitting himself on the forehead.
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