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[3:04] <qwebirc96745> Hello
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[3:05] <georgio> Im hitting bug http://bugs.jython.org/issue2357 wih jython 2.7 on jdk 1.7.0_79 does anyone have any suggestions?
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[4:42] <georgio> is it sleepy time for everyone today
[7:38] <grey_> georgio: very dependent on the time zone..
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[12:18] <georgio> Seems that way!
[12:18] <georgio> I'm hitting bug http://bugs.jython.org/issue2357 wih jython 2.7 on jdk 1.7.0_79 does anyone have any suggestions?
[12:21] <agronholm> georgio: other than getting the bug fixed? sadly, no
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[19:48] <Cecil> I worked with Java and Python. So Jython is something I would not mind to contribute to. :-D
[19:49] <Cecil> If I would like to help: what would be the correct procedure?
[19:50] <agronholm> Cecil: anything in particular you want to work on?
[19:58] <Cecil> No, not really. I like to contribute. I know and like both languages so if I could help to improve Jython ?
[19:59] <Cecil> Well, there is something. But I think it is a bit to much. ;-) I would like to get a version 3 implementation of Jython. :-D
[20:04] <agronholm> Cecil: we have a repo for that
[20:04] <agronholm> things there are very much work in progress
[20:04] <agronholm> so expect things to fail...hard
[20:04] <agronholm> do you want to look at it?
[20:05] <Cecil> I did mot know that. I would like to look at it, but it is probably not opportune. :-)
[20:05] <Cecil> I should start with milk, before eating rocks. :-D
[20:06] <agronholm> https://github.com/jython/jython3
[20:06] <Cecil> Would there be relative simple work where I could start with?
[20:06] <agronholm> you could take a look at the issue tracker
[20:06] <agronholm> do you know where that is?
[20:07] <Cecil> No, until now I did not work with Jython, but I like to start doing it.
[20:07] <Cecil> At the moment I do not know where the issue tracker is.
[20:08] <agronholm> http://bugs.jython.org/
[20:08] <Cecil> By the way: what is the best GUI to work with: TKinter or Swing. I suppose Swing, but it does not hurt to ask.
[20:09] <agronholm> are we talking about jython or in general?
[20:09] <agronholm> swing is a really great GUI system
[20:09] <agronholm> I've even written a helper library to make its use more practical on Jython
[20:10] <agronholm> https://github.com/jython/swingutils
[20:15] <Cecil> Jython. With Python I would use TKinter and with Java(/Scala/Clojure) Swing. (I think.)
[20:16] <Cecil> I have some things to look out for for the weekend. :-D
[20:16] <Cecil> And I should file a bug also.
[20:16] <agronholm> Cecil: I don't think tkinter works with jython
[20:16] <agronholm> I don't really recommend using tkinter for anything
[20:16] <agronholm> if you want to do gui programming on python, use pyqt5
[20:16] <agronholm> or perhaps wxpython
[20:18] <Cecil> I thought TKinter was ?the GUI? if you wanted to code for 2 and 3?
[20:18] <xemdetia_> Cecil, it is helpful to realize that jython is running on a jvm and doesn't have the same system access as traditional system libraries
[20:18] <xemdetia_> it's not the same as cpython
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[20:19] <agronholm> Cecil: "the gui"?
[20:19] <Cecil> Did not do any GUI with Python just yet.
[20:19] <agronholm> it's just one of many gui libraries
[20:19] <agronholm> it just happens to be part of the cpython standard library
[20:20] <Cecil> Started dabbling on a little library: https://github.com/CecilWesterhof/PythonLibrary.
[20:21] <agronholm> Cecil: if you're serious, you should probably follow the PEP 8 conventions
[20:21] <agronholm> a good thing to learn regardless of what you do with python
[20:21] <Cecil> Are there any caveats when starting with Jython? If possible I would like to write code that works with 2, 3 and Jython.
[20:22] <agronholm> don't rely on any C extensions
[20:22] <agronholm> and know that there are things that work on cpython but not on jython
[20:22] <agronholm> like the sqlite module
[20:22] <Cecil> I'll put PEP 8 on my list.
[20:22] <agronholm> you can then run flake8 on your code to find out what you're missing
[20:23] <agronholm> although it doesn't check for proper import grouping for one
[20:24] <Cecil> Database access should be hidden of-course. With Jython I probably would use H2. With CPython probably ProgreSQL.
[20:24] <agronholm> H2?
[20:24] <agronholm> and what do you mean hidden
[20:24] <Cecil> Is a Java database.
[20:25] <Cecil> http://h2database.com
[20:25] <agronholm> I would use postgresql regardless
[20:25] <agronholm> do you have a special reason for using jython?
[20:25] <Cecil> The nice thing of H2 is that you just can copy a file just like SQLite when you want to work on another system.
[20:26] <Cecil> But it is Java based and has encryption. At the moment it is the database I use for most things. (Even from my Bash scripts.)
[20:28] <Cecil> Not a special reason. Partly just curiosity. But I also think that some things could be easier done in Jython as in Java. So I could combine the two.
[20:29] <Cecil> Hidden as in DAO. The program does not know which database is used. Or even if it is a database that is used.
[20:32] <agronholm> I've never been a fan of the DAO pattern
[20:34] <Cecil> OK, JPA then. ;-)
[20:37] <agronholm> Cecil: erm, no :P
[20:37] <agronholm> if you want to use relational databases on python, use sqlalchemy
[20:44] <Cecil> I worked more with Java as Python, that is why I used Java terminology.
[20:45] <Cecil> But you should use SQLAlchemy with Jython?
[20:45] <agronholm> if you work with relational databases, yes
[20:47] <Cecil> Then I should switch to PostgreSQL or MariaDB, because SQLAlchemy does not support H2. :'-(
[20:47] <agronholm> sqlalchemy doesn't support java only stuff
[20:47] <agronholm> is h2 even a relational database?
[20:47] <agronholm> does seem that way
[20:47] <Cecil> That was one of the reasons that I wanted to work with Jython. I thought I then could use H2 with Python code.
[20:48] <agronholm> you can
[20:48] <Cecil> Yes. H2 is a relational database.
[20:48] <agronholm> but after you've gotten used to sqlalchemy's api, using anything else will seem painful
[20:48] <Cecil> How?
[20:48] <agronholm> what do you mean how?
[20:49] <agronholm> import the stuff and use it
[20:49] <Cecil> How could I use H2 with SQLAlchemy?
[20:49] <agronholm> oh, you can't
[20:49] <agronholm> unless you develop a driver and dialect for it
[20:50] <agronholm> but you can of course use it through the JDBC API from Jython
[20:50] <Cecil> That is a station to far for me I am afraid.
[20:51] <Cecil> If SQLAlchemy is as great as you suggest, it would not be smart to work with JDBC. ;-)
[20:51] <agronholm> yeah
[20:51] <agronholm> but then you'll have to give up h2
[20:52] <agronholm> you could just use postgresql if that's an option for you
[20:52] <agronholm> (but for the love of everything that's holy, stay away from mysql derivatives)
[20:53] <xemdetia> looks like h2 has a jdbc api
[20:53] <xemdetia> not sure why you wouldn't just use derby instead
[20:53] <agronholm> why?
[20:53] <Cecil> Before I used H2, I mostly used MySQL and MariaDB.
[20:54] <Cecil> With switching to PostgreSQL I loose the easy transfer of a database. But until now I did not need it.
[20:55] <xemdetia> pg_dump didn't work for you?
[20:55] * xemdetia lives with mysqldumps all day
[20:55] <agronholm> pg_dump is only helpful when migrating OUT of postgresql
[20:56] <xemdetia> hmm interesting
[20:56] <xemdetia> oh well
[20:58] <Cecil> With H2 the database resides in a file. (Just as SQLite.) That is a ?little? easier as using pg_dump and importing. H2 can also easily be installed and used on Android.
[21:00] <agronholm> it's a different situation when you don't need multiuser capabilities
[21:02] <xemdetia> yeah that's part of the reason why I ended up chosing derby over h2
[21:03] <xemdetia> also one of those 'I liked the documentation better at the time' kind of deals
[21:03] <xemdetia> I don't need MVVC for a nominally single threaded app
[21:03] <xemdetia> *MVCC
[21:05] <Cecil> Sometimes I need multi user capabilities.
[21:06] <xemdetia> well derby has that too
[21:06] <xemdetia> MVCC != multiuser incapable
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