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[8:30] <will_f> Anyone using the 'conda' package manager / sandboxer for managing their jython install?
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[12:28] <Omeil> Hi, I'm trying to use Jython to copy an image into an empty canvas but always seem to end up with error because of the variaion between pixels and index in the loops, can someone view my code and point me in the right direction please.
[12:41] <agronholm> no promises
[12:49] <Omeil> It's all good
[12:50] <Omeil> http://pastebin.com/4S8UcKaB
[12:50] <Omeil> @agronholm http://pastebin.com/4S8UcKaB
[12:51] <agronholm> next time please use python syntax highlighting
[12:51] <agronholm> makes source code easier to read
[12:51] <agronholm> what type is this canvas?
[12:51] <agronholm> do you use some external lib here?
[12:51] <Omeil> only import os
[12:52] <Omeil> just to determine filepath and extension
[12:52] <agronholm> there is no makeEmptyPicture() defined here
[12:52] <Omeil> It's at the bottom variable name is canvas
[12:53] <agronholm> the function is not defined in your source!
[12:53] <agronholm> it's only being used
[12:53] <agronholm> so how am I supposed to determine what it does
[12:54] <Omeil> Oh do you mean I am not using comments properly?
[12:54] <agronholm> sigh
[12:54] <agronholm> Omeil: do you understand what I am saying?
[12:54] <agronholm> you cannot use a function that hasn't been defined anywhere
[12:55] <agronholm> you can't use a random fooBlargh() function
[12:55] <agronholm> because no such function exists anywhere
[12:55] <Omeil> It has been defined, its part of the for loop inside def splitImage()
[12:55] <agronholm> no it's not
[12:56] <agronholm> I did a find, and there is NO such definition there
[12:56] <Omeil> Line 37 to Line 61 is a single function
[12:56] <agronholm> Omeil: you're USING it there, but you're not DEFINING it anywhere
[12:57] <agronholm> no "def makeEmptyPicture(...)" anywhere
[12:57] <agronholm> why is this so difficult?
[12:57] <Omeil> Look at line 50
[12:57] <agronholm> Omeil: I am
[12:57] <agronholm> canvas = makeEmptyPicture(imageWidth,splitHeight)
[12:58] <agronholm> you're CALLING makeEmptyPicture() here
[12:58] <agronholm> but you haven't DEFINED the function anywhere
[12:58] <agronholm> do you at least understand the difference between defining a function and calling it?
[12:59] <Omeil> Oh I see my misunderstanding, I'm using JES 2.7 I believe it is calling makeEmptyPicture from a Java library.
[12:59] <agronholm> but you're not importing it
[12:59] <Omeil> Doesn't need to be. it's imported automatically as part of the IDE.
[12:59] <agronholm> eh?
[13:00] <agronholm> jython needs to know about it
[13:00] <agronholm> can you at least tell me what the error was?
[13:01] <Omeil> getPixel(picture,x,y): y (= 140) is less than 0 or bigger than the height (= 139)
[13:01] <agronholm> did you expect me to figure out your problem without at least telling me what library you were using?
[13:01] <agronholm> I don't know anything about this specific library
[13:02] <agronholm> if you had used java's standard library, I might've been able to help
[13:02] <agronholm> what is jython's role in all of this?
[13:03] <Omeil> I'm just learning Jython in the Jython Environment for Students, the the book I have explains copy an image but not copying and splitting them, I think I am just lost in the logic.
[13:04] <agronholm> this is definitely not how programming is supposed to be learned
[13:05] <Omeil> I would have preferred standard python to start off instead of straight into image manipulation. (University...)
[13:05] <agronholm> yes, that would've been a lot better
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[15:14] <ztane> agronholm: I've bumped into this JES before, looks really horrible
[15:14] <ztane> agronholm: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28791407/inappropriate-argument-value-of-correct-type-in-jes-python-jython
[15:14] <ztane> this is a complete program...
[15:15] <ztane> I guess we should contact the author of that and tell our not-so-nice opinion on that
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