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[0:17] <lmnyc> Hello there
[0:19] <lmnyc> newbie question: does anybody know if jython can be integrated with iPython notebook?
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[1:29] <lmnyc> hi there
[1:30] <pdurbin> lmnyc: should work fine with ipython I would think
[1:31] <lmnyc> thank you pdurbin.. I have no idea of how to start it???I do all my coding in iPython notebooks.
[1:32] <lmnyc> Im using jythonmusic
[1:33] * pdurbin looks at http://jythonmusic.org
[1:33] <pdurbin> neat!
[1:34] <lmnyc> yes. cool, but there is nothing there about integration with iPython
[1:35] <pdurbin> so you don't like the JythonMusic editor?
[1:39] <lmnyc> Yes, I like it. The thing is that I have like 1000 lines of code of my own python library, that are not going to be easily ported to jython becuase of dependencies like pandas, charting, etc???so I was thkinking that it would be better for me to try to somehow link iPython notebook with Jython..otherwise, I woudl have to take some code from Jython???s music.py to adapt it to my own library???it could get messy
[1:40] <pdurbin> I'm not sure what your 1000 line Python library has to do with IPython.
[1:46] <lmnyc> iPython notebook has JS support. My library has a lot of code that has dependencies on libraries for graphical stuff that I wont be able to recreate in jython
[1:50] <lmnyc> i wont be able to easily do the parallel computing stuff built in in iPython..
[1:50] <lmnyc> https://ipython.org/ipython-doc/3/development/parallel_connections.html
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[8:13] <dpes> hi all, is there a wrapper for redis java driver, so it can be used with django?
[8:13] <dpes> on the same basis like jdbc mysql drivers
[8:13] <dpes> ?
[8:39] <dpes> ok nvm... redis client runs fine ... i was checking hiredis
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[10:05] <dpes> django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: 'doj.db.backends.mysql' isn't an available database backend.
[10:05] <dpes> i've installed django-jython
[10:05] <dpes> django is 1.8.2
[10:06] <dpes> trying to include mysql jar on many ways...
[10:06] <dpes> anyone?
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[10:34] <pdurbin> dpes: what's it like running Django on Jython? Some of the hosts we deploy run CentOS 6 so they only have Python 2.6 rather than 2.7. Using Jython might be a way for us to have Python 2.7 via the JVM.
[10:46] <dpes> i'm doing a poc... we are wondering if to go to pypy or jython
[10:47] <dpes> pdurbin: it depends... if You have pil, celery, scrapy, or other libs with C ext then You would probably fail
[10:47] <dpes> mysql driver and redis works
[10:47] <pdurbin> right, right, C extensions. hmm
[10:48] <dpes> i've found on some stressful load pypy to be x1.5 faster then cpython
[10:48] <dpes> but wondering how jvm would act
[11:10] <pdurbin> interesting
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[16:03] <dpes> is there jython.jar current?
[16:03] <dpes> not the 2.7 but uptodate with repo
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