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[18:39] <ahmed_> hi guys. im trying to start off a new project and ive installed java and jython and compiled a java project im using down to a jar so i can use it in jython. however after adding it to the classpath i still cant seem to import it
[18:39] <ahmed_> any ideas?
[18:39] <agronholm> ahmed_: adding it <- what's "it" here?
[18:39] <ahmed_> the jar file ive got
[18:40] <ahmed_> CLASSPATH=/root/Exchanger/; jython -v -Dpython.path=/root/Exchanger <- im running it like that
[18:40] <ahmed_> the jar file is in /root/Exchanger
[18:40] <agronholm> that's not how you add jars to the class path
[18:40] <ahmed_> oh? i guess im confused then
[18:41] <ahmed_> how are you supposed to add them?
[18:41] <agronholm> if you want to add all jars in a directory to the class path, use CLASSPATH=/root/Exchanger/*
[18:41] <ahmed_> ahh
[18:41] <agronholm> otherwise add each jar separately
[18:42] <ahmed_> so CLASSPATH=/root/Exchanger/*; jython -v should work fine
[18:42] <ahmed_> then i should be able to do: import com.xeiam.xchange.Exchange
[18:44] <agronholm> if everything else is right
[18:44] <agronholm> just be careful, * might expand to a bunch of names in your shell
[18:45] <ahmed_> hmmm nope: ImportError: No module named xeiam
[18:45] <agronholm> check what is actually set to the value of CLASSPATH
[18:45] <ahmed_> im using this library: http://xeiam.com/xchange-example-code/ which i used maven to compile it into a jar
[18:46] <agronholm> and you checked that the import error comes from this library and not something else?
[18:47] <ahmed_> it comes from jython when i even try and import the library
[18:48] <agronholm> does this library have dependencies?
[18:48] <ahmed_> it all should be compiled into the one jar
[18:50] <ahmed_> export CLASSPATH=/root/Exchanger/*; jython Overview.py
[18:50] <ahmed_> Classpath: /usr/local/lib/jython/jython.jar:/root/Exchanger/xchange.jar
[18:50] <ahmed_> ImportError: No module named xeiam
[18:50] <ahmed_> so it is on the classpath
[18:50] <agronholm> check the contents of that jar
[18:51] <ahmed_> what should i be looking for inside of it?
[18:51] <agronholm> that the classes are where they should be
[18:51] <ahmed_> ah hm.
[18:52] <ahmed_> everythings there but theyre .java files not .class
[18:52] <agronholm> eh
[18:52] <agronholm> then you didn't compile anything
[18:53] <ahmed_> time to try again i guess
[18:53] <ahmed_> not used maven in a long time
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