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[17:17] <dbbb> hi all - jython today
[17:17] <dbbb> by an odd coincidence, this IRC channel is *called* jython
[17:17] <dbbb> so, who knows, people might talk about jython..
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[17:52] <dbbb> ok, that didnt work...
[17:52] <dbbb> well .. I do have an outstanding question .. about the informix jar that is "missing" when trying to build the source tree
[17:53] <dbbb> and second, basic one about the old postgres jar that is shipped with trunk. and replacing it with a newer one
[17:54] <agronholm> dbbb: what missing informix jar?
[17:55] <agronholm> how did you do the build?
[17:55] <agronholm> "ant" works fine here
[17:55] <dbbb> well I just ran "ant" at the top level of the project, and build.xml shows an informix jar, which is missing
[17:56] <agronholm> so running "ant" fails?
[17:56] <agronholm> can you pastebin the error message?
[17:56] <agronholm> the build log actually
[17:56] <dbbb> looking
[17:57] <agronholm> I have no informix jar here, yet the build works fine
[17:58] <dbbb> ok - first, thanks for responding.. second..
[17:58] <dbbb> I am looking at the terminal here.. I see a build completing
[17:58] <agronholm> so what was the problem?
[17:59] <dbbb> so.. perhaps I am confused between two projects.. and I have to check my facts
[18:00] <dbbb> I see this in build.xml
[18:01] <dbbb> informix.jar=${basedir}/../externals/external-jars/ifxjdbc.jar
[18:01] <dbbb> but I am checking..
[18:01] <agronholm> ...so?
[18:02] <dbbb> I also see <pathelement path="${extlibs.dir}/postgresql-8.3-603.jdbc4.jar" />
[18:03] <agronholm> I bet those are for some zxjdbc tests
[18:03] <dbbb> I regret that I do not have detailed notes in front of me regarding the informix jar
[18:03] <dbbb> I did see that, I am not finding the circumstance this minute..
[18:04] <dbbb> a second question is, can I replace that postgresql jar and rebuild.. do I have to do that
[18:04] <dbbb> (my target app will use postgres never informix)
[18:05] <agronholm> dbbb: it's not like anything from that jar is integrated in the jython build
[18:05] <agronholm> so it doesn't matter one way or the other
[18:05] <dbbb> I dont know the rules for "linking" .. if the full name matters, with version number
[18:06] <dbbb> ok - doesnt matter,, thtx
[18:06] <agronholm> do you use zxjdbc?
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[18:07] <dbbb> well I am reading as fast as I can.. last night I found that ...
[18:07] <agronholm> so I'm guessing you're not -- if you didn't know what that is
[18:08] <dbbb> thx
[18:08] <agronholm> java code doesn't "link" like what happens with C code
[18:08] <dbbb> I have a lot of experience in another environment, and almost none in this one
[18:08] <dbbb> I suppose that means "I dont knwo what it is" here
[18:08] <agronholm> it just does class loading based on the fully qualified names of classes
[18:08] <dbbb> I have a fair amount of training in computer science
[18:08] <dbbb> not java though
[18:08] <agronholm> the classes can be in jars, or on the file system
[18:09] <agronholm> classes are loaded the first time they're used in the code
[18:09] <dbbb> I see - so its a dynamic load based on the class name, not the jar name
[18:09] <agronholm> jar names are totally irrelevant
[18:09] <dbbb> so the name of the jar specified in the build.xml is not a blocker
[18:09] <agronholm> and "import" does not load a class (import statements are not even compiled in)
[18:09] <dbbb> ok thx
[18:10] <agronholm> "import" is just a compile time convenience, unlike in python
[18:10] <dbbb> so its really a runtime load
[18:10] <agronholm> yes
[18:11] <dbbb> I read Objective-C long long ago.. it had that ability
[18:11] <agronholm> I know virtually nothing about objc
[18:11] <agronholm> except that it's ugly
[18:11] <dbbb> no worries - I dnt use it or advocate it, just a reference
[18:12] <dbbb> I am psyched about jython actually, but stumbling along
[18:12] <dbbb> there is an abstraction around zxJDBC
[18:13] <dbbb> I fuond it last night.. looking.. it worked the first time
[18:13] <agronholm> abstraction around it? o_O
[18:13] <dbbb> it might be sufficient for this load ...
[18:13] <agronholm> and there's a replacement for zxjdbc
[18:13] <dbbb> hehe I dont know how to do that face ;-)
[18:13] <dbbb> looking...
[18:14] <agronholm> jyjdbc
[18:15] <dbbb> dbexts
[18:16] <dbbb> alphabet-soup contest :-)
[18:16] <dbbb> dbextstest.py
[18:16] <dbbb> worked perfectly the first time.. looking in the daylight now
[18:17] <dbbb> it even defines a bulkcopy
[18:18] <dbbb> so from your previous comments, it seems I can drop in replace the older postgres jar with the newer one..
[18:18] <dbbb> I will set up a dbexts test with the newer postgres jar now, I hope
[18:19] <dbbb> (I know other parts of the puzzle quite well)
[18:20] <agronholm> what is your reason for using jython?
[18:20] <dbbb> the leads here want cloud scale, and they want a java code base and java deployment model
[18:21] <dbbb> this is a way to do some database work, without doing it in java
[18:21] <agronholm> okay
[18:21] <dbbb> they rejected my first design, using pipes and files
[18:21] <agronholm> I probably would too :)
[18:22] <dbbb> hmm it depends on the quality.. it can be very good actually
[18:22] <dbbb> but yes
[18:22] <agronholm> using intermediate files for db access...yeah, denied
[18:22] <dbbb> ok I dont want to argue that.. its dead now anyway
[18:23] <dbbb> its ingestion, not workflow
[18:23] <dbbb> btw
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[19:01] <dbbb> so I take it I can delete /usr/local/jython27/javalib/postgresql-8.3-603.jdbc4.jar and replace it with /usr/local/jython27/javalib/postgresql-9.4-1201.jdbc41.jar for this Oracle 1_7 JVM
[19:01] <dbbb> right now, both are in there
[19:01] <dbbb> no need to rebuild jython itself
[19:03] <agronholm> right
[19:03] <dbbb> thx
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