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[14:11] <qwebirc70678> is there someone ?
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[16:09] <qwebirc70678> if there is someone by there....can (s)he tell me why calling a python with PythonInterpreter return a IOError 13 Permission denied about writing a file ??? (windows 7, eclipse Juno, Python 2.10, lastest Jython)
[16:10] <qwebirc70678> (i want to write this file, i just don't understand why it works in command line and not through the PythonInterpreter call)
[16:12] <darkblue_b> qwebirc70678: did you try to see what login is trying to write ?
[16:13] <darkblue_b> not sure under windows, but generally file permissions are associated with login roles
[16:13] <qwebirc70678> here is the output error :
[16:13] <qwebirc70678> Exception in thread "MainThread" Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:/Python27/Scripts/pdf2txt.py", line 115, in <module> if __name__ == '__main__': sys.exit(main(sys.argv)) File "C:/Python27/Scripts/pdf2txt.py", line 85, in main outfp = file(outfile, 'w') IOError: (13, 'Permission denied', u' D:/Profiles/bjulie/Stage/Rapports pdf/EGLL.html')
[16:14] <qwebirc70678> srt >_<
[16:14] <darkblue_b> ok, but how about adding a debug check of ... `whoami`
[16:14] <darkblue_b> or whatever that is on Windows
[16:14] <qwebirc70678> i checked directory permission, everything is ok
[16:16] <qwebirc70678> but i don't know what are the Python access rights through the java PythonInterpreter
[16:16] <qwebirc70678> Command line is ok, file is writen, but not if th .py is called from java .....
[16:26] <qwebirc70678> basicaly i'm trying to use the pdf2txt.py from pdfMiner (to extract data from pdf, strutctured as xml), passing the String[] args, and the run it. By the way, i'm not sure if i do i well (but i guess, because it yell if i remove some parametters, and it properly select the xml option)
[16:27] <qwebirc70678> i've not found so much sample about giving args to a .py program (with sub-modules)
[16:29] <qwebirc70678> calling the .py with process builder, or java runtime process (to acces windows cmd) give the same error
[16:31] <qwebirc70678> edit: both process builder and cmd return IOError 22 invalid w mode or file name...
[16:33] <qwebirc70678> so...i leave the office, if u've any idea -> takeo_o@hotmail.fr , anyway, thanks for having tried ;)
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[21:27] <darkblue_b> hi - I copied Jython trunk to a new Debian VM .. couple of mysteries
[21:28] <darkblue_b> I see in the source tree a postgresql 8.4 jar.. on the Postgres JDBC page they say to use another version if you have JDK 1.7
[21:28] <darkblue_b> also the build failed with "informix.jar not found"
[21:29] <darkblue_b> so the workaround was to get the jythong-installer 2.7 and run it, per the install page
[21:29] <darkblue_b> jython
[21:29] <darkblue_b> the install ran fine but .. do I just comment out the informix (and oracle) lines in the build.xml ?
[21:30] <darkblue_b> I would like to use the modern postgresql JDBC jar.. any hints ?
[21:31] <darkblue_b> this /postgresql-9.4-1201.jdbc41.jar
[21:32] <darkblue_b> instead of this /usr/local/jython/javalib/postgresql-8.3-603.jdbc4.jar
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[23:13] <dbbb> .. still interested in the postgres jar question, if anyone is reading
[23:13] * dbbb dbbb == darkblue_b


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