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[7:26] <ztane> hmm
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[15:24] <dbbb> hi all - last chapter in our story.. opening jython 2.7 source tree as a project in Eclipse yielded "no joy" when trying to run the tests
[15:25] <dbbb> unexplainable things, like an error calling antlr, when the supplied antlr jar is in the project dirs
[15:26] <dbbb> but also trivial things, like "no JUnit tests found" in a junit test file
[15:26] <dbbb> the hint from the channel was "run ant from inside the top level of the directory" .. so
[15:27] <dbbb> perhaps the thing to do is get off this mac and back to linux, where I can install and run ant in some reasonable fashion
[15:34] <mbooth> dbbb: IIRC there is an ant task that generates some code from antlr grammars -- did you try running the "antlr_gen" task from inside eclipse?
[15:34] <dbbb> oh hm no
[15:35] <mbooth> This may be the cause of your "antlr errors" then
[15:35] <mbooth> Without more details it's hard to tell ;-)
[15:35] <dbbb> no doubt -- looking no
[15:35] <dbbb> now
[15:37] * mbooth really wishes for maven build
[15:38] <dbbb> well I dont see anything jump out.. as usual, too much information :-/
[15:43] <mbooth> dbbb: If you like, post the errors you see in a pastebin
[15:46] <ztane> dbbb: dunno if the jython 2.7 is different but the early jython 3 fork also, for me,.
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[15:46] <ztane> the ant exits after first pass...
[15:46] <ztane> I just run ant twice and it works .P
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[15:59] <dbbb> "works for me" .. in Eclipse ?
[16:01] <ztane> no, on command line in Linux :D
[16:01] <ztane> what I mean, that I cannot even make the ant build work in one pass even on CLI
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[16:08] <dbbb> hmm I moved to debian linux and ant wrks fine
[16:08] <dbbb> I swear - eclipse is both a curse and a boon
[16:10] <dbbb> ant completed (on linux) .. now running ant test
[16:13] <dbbb> wow - google ... http://www.mkyong.com/ant/how-to-apache-ant-on-mac-os-x/
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[16:26] <dbbb> ok great - ant works on the Mac.. tests running.. I guess I got my wish :-)
[16:26] <dbbb> sure are a lot of tests !
[16:29] <dbbb> . I think you just beat node-js for the most tests I have ever seen on a project
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[17:28] <sevag> Hello. I have a Python script that imports a local module (located in the same directory). Executing it with Python2.7 works, but Jython2.7 gives me trouble. The module is XMPPPY and it has trouble with ssl sockets I think
[17:28] <sevag> All the modules imported by my module are core Python modules (os, sys, select, socket, ssl)
[17:29] <sevag> Any ideas on how best to debug this?
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[18:24] <sevag> I was able to narrow the call down to the call to ssl.wrap_socket(). Any known issues with Jython 2.7 and ssl.wrap_socket?
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