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[13:22] <ztane> hi, pretty dead over here, and on the mailing list as well
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[17:49] <dbbb> hi all - I dont know much about eclipse/java.. but I know C from long ago.. I would like to use Eclipse Kepler (running now) to load and execute the tests from Jython 2.7 source dir .. any hints ?
[17:50] <dbbb> is there some standard jar that is required for the tests ?
[17:53] <dbbb> okok - actually I wrote C++ to.. so I know how to handle class libraries.. not boost though ;-)
[17:53] <agronholm> dbbb: you're talking about the tests in jython itself?
[17:54] <agronholm> ant regrtest
[17:54] <dbbb> what dir ?
[17:54] <agronholm> the root directory
[17:55] <dbbb> hmm I dont seem to have ant.. its a new mac, I built maven which works
[17:55] <dbbb> .. probably harder to build maven than install ant, but I have no idea really
[17:55] <dbbb> thats where I am
[17:57] <dbbb> no macports, no homebrew, please
[17:57] <agronholm> dbbb: eclipse at least has ant
[17:57] <dbbb> I suspected that.. thx!
[17:57] * dbbb looks in kepler
[18:00] <dbbb> hmm I could make a new project in kepler.. also, I have already installed a jython in /usr/local/jython27
[18:00] <dbbb> I can launch the jython27 interpretor.. that works..
[18:00] <dbbb> like so /usr/local/bin/jython27 -> /usr/local/jython27/bin/jython
[18:01] <dbbb> I would like to try the java side though
[18:11] <dbbb> here is my attempt at an eclipse project dir .. coying pieces that look like the "fit the pattern" http://snag.gy/ZBgy3.jpg
[18:11] <dbbb> copying
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[18:24] <dbbb> now I see this.. http://snag.gy/efZxC.jpg
[18:25] <dbbb> which is odd, because jython certainly runs on this machine now.. so I suspect there is a path missing still, or something like that
[18:25] <dbbb> please recall, all I want to do is run the tests in Java
[18:26] <agronholm> dbbb: you need to add all jars in extlibs/ at least
[18:26] * dbbb tries
[18:30] <dbbb> ok much better..
[18:30] <dbbb> extlibs copied, added all jars at the top level
[18:30] <agronholm> ...copied?
[18:30] <agronholm> why would you do that?
[18:30] <agronholm> just add them to your build path
[18:32] <dbbb> into some other dir on the disk ?
[18:32] <jimbaker> fwiw, i have been looking at gradle builds. hopefully we will simplify building jython itself; and simplify linking against it as a repository artifact
[18:32] <dbbb> hmm no thx
[18:32] <agronholm> dbbb: why would you copy them to begin with?
[18:32] <agronholm> just add them to your build path in eclipse
[18:32] <jimbaker> but so far the gradle experience has been great
[18:33] <dbbb> agronholm: well, I have lots of sfwr architecture experience, but no java.. this is a new high-powered Mac.. I am in the position of speaking with experts on something I dont have any experience with..
[18:34] <agronholm> dbbb: you showed me your java build path in the screenshot
[18:34] <agronholm> and there is an "Add JARs..." button
[18:34] <agronholm> use it
[18:34] <dbbb> or, keep everything I need for this Eclipse Kepler experiment, in one dir
[18:34] <dbbb> disk space is cheap
[18:34] <xemdetia> dbbb, just as a rule of thumb java has strict rules about where you put and reference files
[18:35] <dbbb> no doubt -- I appreciate the tips
[18:35] <xemdetia> most other languages are very loose with how you setup your project
[18:35] <xemdetia> but java has definite rules you just need to read and understand otherwise you will be just fighting the compiler
[18:35] <dbbb> the libs/jars in question, are sitting in a decompressed jython source dir in some other place on the disk
[18:36] <dbbb> just so you know, this is not the system jars I copied
[18:36] <dbbb> yes, fighting the envirnment.. I dont want to spend time doing that
[18:38] <dbbb> I see junit 4.10 in that list
[18:39] <dbbb> hm Informix and Oracle handlers are missing .. not shocking..
[18:45] <dbbb> at any rate, this is where I am now .. http://snag.gy/llw5K.jpg
[18:45] <dbbb> seems odd that there would be some problem in antlr, if I have the antlr imported from the extlibs dir that came with jython source
[18:53] <dbbb> hm you can add an ant view in kepler, then a window lets you select new ant tasks.. the only things that are available, after dialing down into the dirs, is tests/modjy/build.xml and Demo/modjy_webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml
[18:53] <dbbb> .. with "only show build files" checked
[18:55] <dbbb> for example.. DataHandlerTest.java would be great to try
[18:59] <dbbb> run configuration .. JUnit PlugIn Test .. or JUnit.. no luck
[19:02] <dbbb> http://snag.gy/r3Men.jpg
[19:02] <dbbb> biab
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[20:14] <enebo> jimbaker: hey do you guys care if jnr-posix is 7+?
[20:16] <enebo> fwierzbicki: ^
[20:18] <fwierzbicki> enebo: not a problem, Jython 2.7 is 7+
[20:19] <fwierzbicki> and the previous version is in security fix only mode
[20:21] <enebo> fwierzbicki: damn???I just was reminded jruby 1.7.x still supports java 6 :)
[20:21] <enebo> fwierzbicki: so I guess I will re-rev once I figure out how to built it
[20:29] <fwierzbicki> hopefully there where no 7isms in the posix code...
[20:29] <fwierzbicki> enebo: ^^^ :)
[20:30] <enebo> fwierzbicki: https://travis-ci.org/jnr/jnr-posix/jobs/65928904
[20:31] <enebo> what is weird with this error is I don???t see what the issue is at all
[20:34] <fwierzbicki> Googling around I see discussions of fixing by using "Integer" instead of "int"
[20:34] <fwierzbicki> enebo: ^^^
[20:34] <fwierzbicki> but nothing really about 7 vs 6
[20:34] <enebo> fwierzbicki: nirvdrum thinks it might be an annotation on a return value
[20:35] <enebo> it seems to be about ambiguous return values at the site it is used at
[20:35] <enebo> but it seems like one should get an error message at the site and not the definitions :)
[20:36] <fwierzbicki> enebo: yeah
[20:36] <fwierzbicki> worst of all, it looks like some compilers can handle it and some can't: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=98379
[20:37] <fwierzbicki> although that is very old
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