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[1:15] <pdurbin> Manfred Riem on Twitter: "Added Jython example to the JSR-223 ViewEngine examples. Nice to re-use an older JSR. Now see what other scripting languages to test ;)" - https://twitter.com/mnriem/status/606911275541491713
[1:15] <pdurbin> Does anyone know where that code is?
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[4:43] <ztane> fwierzbicki: yet PythonPartial is using Python.g?
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[17:56] <fwierzbicki> ztane: no PythonPartial is used separately - see src/org/python/antler/BaseParser.java and src/org/python/core/ParserFacade.java ??? in particular note that Python.g generates PythonParser.java and PythonLexer.java and PythonPartial.g generates PythonPartialParser.java and PythonPartialLexer.java. PythonPartial.g is only used for "parsePartialSentence".
[17:57] <fwierzbicki> ztane: basically, in interactive mode Python.g is tried, and if that succeeds, that is used. If it fails PythonPartial is tried, and if that succeeds, we know that it is a partial match - so we emit ??? and wait for more input, then try again
[17:58] <fwierzbicki> if PythonPartial also fails, then we emit an error
[17:58] <fwierzbicki> which is not the same as CPython - so it can be tough to get the two to match behavior sometimes
[17:58] <fwierzbicki> but in this case PythonPartial has not been updated, so crazy things will happen in interactive mode
[17:59] <fwierzbicki> especially when python3 is set to true in Python.g
[17:59] <fwierzbicki> like Python.g will disallow all print statements, but PythonPartial.g will allow them
[18:00] <ztane> fwierzbicki: ahh :D now I understand
[18:00] <fwierzbicki> once we get regrtest at least limping on python3, I'll start removing the python2 support that remains in Python.g and update PythonPartial.g
[18:00] <ztane> I was trying to remove , from except
[18:01] <ztane> but I did it only for Python full, so Python partial still continued to match.
[18:02] <fwierzbicki> So if you are interested in going after the grammar, I could be persuaded to drop trying to keep python2 functioning
[18:02] <fwierzbicki> it can't last much longer anyway: too many differences
[18:02] <ztane> I guess I am useless when it comes to modifying the grammar :D
[18:02] <ztane> beyond the simple fixes :D
[18:02] <fwierzbicki> ha it's tricky and painful
[18:02] <fwierzbicki> which is why I like to have a regrtest behind it
[18:03] <fwierzbicki> it's easy to mess things up and not always easy to know that you did
[18:03] <ztane> I understand :D
[18:04] <ztane> actually I am about to send mail to jython-dev
[18:04] <fwierzbicki> For PyBytes?
[18:07] <ztane> and about how should we name int, str in Jython 3 and that what do other ppl think about using the github issue tracker for jython 3 experimenting-related issues
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[18:25] <fwierzbicki> ztane: I'm good with using the github tracker
[18:25] <fwierzbicki> As for naming (I haven't looked into it) I'd prefer sticking as close to CPython naming as we can, unless we have good reasons not to
[18:26] <fwierzbicki> Gotta go for a while, but I'll read the logs when back
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[23:02] <lawltoad> hi guys, I'm sure this is a common question but with things changing so fast I can never tell whats most up to date online... is there an easy way to use ipython for jython?
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