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[17:16] <ztane> hmmm maybe I need to contact someone, I'd pr lots of stuff to jython3 if only anyone would review my stuff
[17:19] <agronholm> ztane: keep bugging jimbaker to review
[17:19] <agronholm> like I said, your last PR is beyond my knowledge to review
[17:22] <fwierzbicki> bytearray stuff isn't something I can review very quickly - asking on jython-dev (to get Jeff Allen's attention) is probably a good way for that one
[17:22] <fwierzbicki> What other areas are you wanting to look at?
[17:23] <fwierzbicki> ztane: ^^^
[17:26] <ztane> (actually I've been busy this week until now so no big advancements...)
[17:26] <agronholm> I implemented three new functions in the time module, but there are others that are still missing
[17:26] <agronholm> not sure whether they can be supported or not
[17:27] <ztane> there are couple of things... I'd want to like to try to merge PyInteger and PyLong fully into one class for now
[17:27] <ztane> but what I wonder is, should Jython 3 follow CPython 3 naming or not?
[17:27] <agronholm> what do you mean?
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[17:28] <ztane> in CPython 3, these are PyLong and PyUnicode
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[17:29] <agronholm> +-0 on that
[17:29] <ztane> (it would also make sense refactoringwise
[17:37] <agronholm> it seems like the only missing function in the time module to get to 3.5 level is get_clock_info() and that should be very easy
[17:40] <ztane> agronholm: there seems to be bug in the annotations for my time.get_clock_info :D
[17:40] <ztane> my python 3.5 says it returns a dictionary :D
[17:41] <agronholm> "your" time.get_clock_info?
[17:41] <agronholm> have you written code for that?
[17:42] <ztane> no
[17:42] <agronholm> oh I see
[17:42] <agronholm> it's a documentation bug
[17:42] <ztane> haha so funny
[17:43] <agronholm> the actual docs are correct though
[17:43] <agronholm> it's just the annotation...
[17:43] <agronholm> I didn't realize they were actually used in the stdlib
[17:43] <agronholm> bbl groceries
[17:43] <ztane> I do not know how I speak so incomprehensibly nowadays that no one understands what I am saying
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[17:58] <IAmMe643> I am very new to jython. How can I create an array based on a string and a seperator, and then adding all the values in the array together?
[18:01] <IAmMe643> I am assuming no one is here
[18:02] <IAmMe643> JythonLogBot: hi
[18:02] <IAmMe643> bye
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[18:07] <agronholm> yet another newbie completely unfamiliar with how IRC works
[18:13] <ztane> :D
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[18:55] <xemdetia> oh wow
[18:55] <xemdetia> I forgot it was possible to be that new
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[20:46] <ztane> I am trying to modify the grammar but I do not seem to be able to generate syntax errors -
[20:47] <ztane> for example I tried to remove the rule for "except Foo, bar" but it does not work, instead I just get the "..." continuation on the line following the "except".
[20:48] <ztane> clearly I do not understand antlr at all D:
[20:48] <agronholm> there's a separate grammar for the interactive interpreter, isn't there?
[20:50] <ztane> I wouldn't know...
[20:50] <agronholm> I seem to recall fwierzbicki mentioning that at some point
[20:50] <ztane> it did change the interpreter, but it wasnt parsed properly, the ... never ended :D
[20:50] <ztane> I listed the grammar bugs I found in github
[20:51] <ztane> https://github.com/jython/jython3/issues
[20:51] <agronholm> it might be a good idea to list other open tasks there too
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[21:11] <fwierzbicki> ztane: yes there are two grammars Python.g and PythonPartial.g - the PythonPartial.g has not been updated, so the interactive prompt will definitely be goofy
[21:12] <fwierzbicki> Files should work better - they are only using Python.g
[21:12] <fwierzbicki> I'm dragging my feet on updating PythonPartial.g until Python.g is close to done
[21:13] <fwierzbicki> because it's a pain to update both - especially since my updates are currently a wrong mix of 2 and 3
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