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[0:07] <jimbaker> agronholm, only explicit usage of gc; http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/java/vmoptions-jsp-140102.html
[0:07] <jimbaker> it would be like turning off ref counting based gc in cpython. doesn't make sense
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[0:48] <jimbaker> however, maybe we should turn the NotImplementedError for gc.disable into a warning
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[8:29] <ztane> I started doing some bytes stuff :D
[8:29] <ztane> noticed that actually Python 3 AST has separate bytes
[8:29] <ztane> *Bytes
[8:30] <ztane> there is now YieldFrom etc...
[10:02] <ztane> didn't get sleep at night so I've mostly implemented PyBytes
[10:03] <ztane> only have to ask this: what's the purpose of ExposedMethod?
[10:03] <ztane> seems that the other methods are called automatically depending of parameters
[10:04] <agronholm> ztane: ExposedMethod marks something that is visible from python
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[10:15] <ztane> but python also directly calls other methods
[10:16] <ztane> noticed with bytes.split
[10:16] <ztane> called PyBytes.split() directly if suitable args given, not the exposed one
[10:16] <ztane> another question would be:
[10:16] <ztane> why do the PyString methods many of them return a String instead of PyString -
[10:17] <ztane> wouldn't this then also add the overhead of looking how to wrap them properly for python again?
[10:18] <agronholm> I am probably not the right person to answer that
[10:19] <ztane> :D
[10:19] <ztane> I know that too
[10:20] <ztane> but this is an IRC channel
[10:25] <ztane> I don't think the behaviour is quite right there...
[10:40] <agronholm> nice to hear you made progress though
[11:45] <ztane> I believe 2.7->3.5 is actually much faster than 2.5->2.7
[11:45] <agronholm> if only due to increased motivation for getting rid of annoying 2.x stuff
[11:48] <ztane> hehe :P
[12:06] <ztane> agronholm: in PyString there are several split() methods and str_split()
[12:06] <ztane> it turns out ''.split() can call any of them directly
[12:07] <ztane> depending on the arguments, not just the str_split...
[12:07] <ztane> and their return types then are coerced into PyObjects if not already...
[12:07] <ztane> of course with `bytes` this causes complications, as byte[] is mapped to bytearray already
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[12:42] <ztane> why oh why are the public methods exposed, what am I doing wrong?
[12:43] <agronholm> ztane: the public methods are visible in python without having the @Exposed annotation?
[12:44] <ztane> yes
[12:44] <ztane> in PyString, getString is not visible in dir()
[12:44] <agronholm> well, that's odd
[12:45] <ztane> but in PyBytes getByteArray is
[12:45] <ztane> I do not see any difference except PyString implementing from PyBaseString
[12:46] <ztane> guess there is something else that needs to be done too, but what :d
[12:46] <agronholm> wait until jimbaker wakes up
[12:47] <agronholm> there are many oddities in jython like this that I'd like to clear up in 3.x
[12:47] <agronholm> things that discourage new developers
[12:47] <ztane> ahha I guess it is because of a build failure ;)
[12:48] <agronholm> ?
[12:48] <agronholm> that makes no sense
[12:48] <ztane> it does, there was a class file from eclipse :D
[12:48] <agronholm> ???
[12:49] <ztane> the ant build continues despite there being errors, do not ask me how :D
[12:49] <mbooth> More arguments for switching to maven build :-p
[12:49] <ztane> and I am using Arrays.hashCode,
[12:49] <ztane> for some reason the ant build says it cannot find the symbol so must be compiling against 1.4? :D
[12:50] <ztane> ah that explains, it wasn't but bouncycastle lib, lol.
[12:52] <ztane> hmm now no errors but...
[12:52] <ztane> the public methods are still visible there
[12:53] <ztane> I just need to add them to CoreExposed.includes
[12:54] <ztane> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.VerifyError: (class: org/python/core/PyBytes$bytes_ljust_exposer, method: __call__ signature: (Lorg/python/core/PyObject;Lorg/python/core/PyObject;)Lorg/python/core/PyObject;) Incompatible argument to function
[12:54] <ztane> hoho
[12:54] <ztane> better
[12:54] <agronholm> I should rewrite the developer guide
[12:55] <ztane> +1
[12:55] <agronholm> I'd learn a lot in the process
[12:55] <ztane> but this is lots of fun compared to contributing to CPython...
[12:55] <agronholm> I believe you
[12:56] <ztane> maybe because there is no such thing as a "C ide" really...
[12:56] <agronholm> eclipse, intellij
[12:58] <ztane> they all are a lie
[12:58] <agronholm> ?
[12:59] <ztane> how many times have you refactored C source code using an ide :d
[12:59] <agronholm> I haven't done real C development in years
[13:04] <ztane> now if I understood why do I get the exception above
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[17:24] <ztane> lol
[17:24] <ztane> i just wanted to fix doc generation
[17:24] <ztane> and down the rabbit hole :D
[17:35] <ztane> (about to do the biggest commit in my life)
[17:40] * pdurbin hopes ztane didn't change all the spaces to tabs
[18:10] <ztane> :D
[18:10] <ztane> yeah, I had visible whitespace, had to config stupid eclipse to emit spaces for indent
[18:11] <ztane> the commit diff is annoyingly long since I changed the *Derived generation code...
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[19:35] <ztane> java.lang.VerifyError: (class: org/python/core/PyBytes$bytes_ljust_exposer, method: __call__ signature: (Lorg/python/core/PyObject;Lorg/python/core/PyObject;)Lorg/python/core/PyObject;) Incompatible argument to function
[19:35] <ztane> still trying to understand this error
[19:36] <ztane> jimbaker: ^
[19:41] <pdurbin> ztane: when do you see it?
[20:12] <ztane> when trying to build my PyBytes stuff (I think I am going to scrap it and do again though)
[20:13] <pdurbin> did it ever build?
[20:17] <ztane> it did but that was when I hadn't add it properly to the list of exposed
[20:24] <pdurbin> not sure what "list of exposed" means
[20:29] <ztane> CoreExposed.includes
[20:31] <pdurbin> ok
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