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[17:22] <jimbaker> DanC_, there was a recent bug fix that maybe addresses your question
[17:23] <DanC_> oh?
[17:23] <jimbaker> http://bugs.jython.org/issue2058
[17:23] <jimbaker> i guess it's about time for us to post a beta schedule for 2.7.1
[17:24] <jimbaker> but if you can build the release and try it out in your case, that would be very helpful
[17:25] <DanC_> here's hoping
[17:26] <DanC_> but I'm not really in a position to rely on a really new version of jython
[17:27] <jimbaker> DanC_, so we plan a november release of 2.7.1. i think you can hold us to that - we are only doing incremental time-based going forward
[17:27] <jimbaker> time-based releases
[17:27] <jimbaker> feature-based is just too painful, and needs to be reserved for something like jython 3
[17:27] <DanC_> I'll see what I can do
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[21:05] <ztane> agronholm: seems that you're everywhere
[21:05] <agronholm> :D
[21:06] <ztane> just watched the jython pycon talk...
[21:07] <ztane> joined here to see if ppl are talking about Jython 3...
[21:07] <agronholm> there is a repo on github
[21:07] <agronholm> it's still in its infancy though
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[22:17] <jimbaker> yeah, it's going to be a while before we get to jython 3. but it's happening, that's for sure
[22:19] <agronholm> I took a look at the async/await syntax
[22:20] <agronholm> it's less complicated than I thought at first
[22:20] <agronholm> it's basically just another kind of "generator" system
[22:20] <agronholm> with slightly different semantics
[22:20] <agronholm> and the matrix multiplication operator should be trivial to implement
[22:21] <agronholm> seeing as how none of python's own types support it :)
[22:27] <fwierzbicki1> matrix multiplication is already in - and yeah it's pretty much empty
[22:27] <agronholm> the unpacking generalizations might be more problematic
[22:28] <fwierzbicki1> the part with a, b, *c = foo is done too - though I may have messed it up with the move to git and aligning with the git jython mirror
[22:29] <fwierzbicki1> I noticed a crucial part of that in a recent local diff
[22:29] <agronholm> oh, goodie
[22:29] <agronholm> ?
[22:29] <fwierzbicki1> it was done in hg
[22:29] <fwierzbicki1> but I wanted to pull in some recent 2.7 changes
[22:29] <fwierzbicki1> and so I merged the git Jython mirror - lots of hand merging was required for some reason
[22:30] <fwierzbicki1> but most of it was straightforward so I did it anyway
[22:30] <fwierzbicki1> I like just pulling from the latest as it comes into 2.7
[22:31] <fwierzbicki1> I want to be able to do:
[22:31] <fwierzbicki1> git pull https://github.com/jythontools/jython
[22:31] <fwierzbicki1> so I fiddled with that last weekend
[22:32] <agronholm> why a separate organization from jython?
[22:33] <fwierzbicki1> it's just where the mirror has been
[22:33] <fwierzbicki1> wasn't moved when we got "jython"
[22:33] <agronholm> ok
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[22:44] <fwierzbicki1> yeah not working in the git repo yet, but I the code at least for the simple case of "a, b, *c = iterable"
[22:44] <fwierzbicki1> I'll get it in there soonish (will have to extract from the current nonlocal attempt)
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