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[9:16] <agronholm> the C API will have to change eventually to get rid of the GIL in favor of transactional memory
[13:11] <chrisseaton> agronholm: is that actually what they're going to do, or just what you think would be a good idea?
[13:11] <agronholm> chrisseaton: it would be a good idea
[13:11] <agronholm> at least I don't see any other practical way out of GIL
[13:11] <chrisseaton> agronholm: I'd be in favour of interpreting the C code so it's not running natively any more, then you can abstract from things like the GIL but still run the C code
[13:12] <agronholm> interpreting the C code...?
[13:12] <agronholm> if you just want to call C code, there's CFFI for that
[13:12] <agronholm> but C extensions (that interact with Python) will need a new API
[13:31] <chrisseaton> In JRuby we're looking at using an interpreter (with JIT) for the C language, to run Ruby C extensions
[13:31] <chrisseaton> Then you can provide the same C API to the extensions, but really do everything differently under the hood
[13:32] <agronholm> do you emulate the GIL (or whatever it's called in Ruby)?
[13:32] <chrisseaton> We have our own GIL for the moment, but we have research on STM to remove it
[13:32] <agronholm> when you do, you will have to change the C API to take advantage of it
[13:33] <agronholm> since the design itself does not let more than one thread run python (or ruby) stuff
[13:33] <chrisseaton> agronholm: I think we could make certain API calls a transactional commit point
[13:33] <chrisseaton> IO and things like that
[13:35] <chrisseaton> agronholm: you would provide the illusion of a GIL, and run the same code, but really a transaction is enforcing isolation. If you get conflicts, run sequentially
[13:35] <agronholm> mmm
[13:35] <agronholm> okay
[13:36] <chrisseaton> as an example of what we can do - we can give a C extension a VALUE* that points to the backing store of a Ruby array, but we can still specialise the actual storage to an int[] or a double[] and just provide the illusion of having a pointer to boxed values
[13:36] <chrisseaton> so we can abstract quite far as long as provide the same API the C code
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