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[10:39] <Rondom> jimbaker: are you there? I have a short question about your talks-repo (maybe I will spontaneously introduce people to what's new in jython this afternoon at PyCon SE)...
[10:45] <Rondom> Nevermind. While phrasing the question I found out
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[15:43] <jimbaker> Rondom, sounds good you found what you needed. per the README on that repo, i highly encourage reuse of that content under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license
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[19:06] <Rondom> jimbaker: actually the licence question was the question I wanted to ask. I was a bit in a hurry because I very spontaneously decided to do that talk (decided at 12:30, lunch at 13:00, lightning talks at 16:00). So I missed the information in the readme.
[19:08] <Rondom> It was my first lightning talk (or talk at a conference for that matter). so I did not do THAT well. All in all I got the message across. I have been walking with Jython at my last day-job during the last three years and when I told people about it many did not really know much about jython or thought the project was dead
[19:09] <Rondom> s/walking/working/
[19:10] <Rondom> that is why I spontaneously decided to do the talk
[19:10] <Rondom> unfortunately I got cut off quite soon (my timer did not really work as expected)
[19:11] <Rondom> I had your credits on the last slide and I think I mentioned that most of the slides are based on yours, but I am not sure, because I was quite nervous having that talk in front of many people without much preparation
[19:13] <Rondom> three people came to me that were interested. One person was seriously interested in extending an existing Java-codebase with python at his job. He also showed interest in Clamp.
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[21:16] <jimbaker> Rondom, nothing like some practice to make it perfect. in my university course on principles of programming languages, i assign students to do lightning talks, just so they get some practice :)
[21:16] <jimbaker> so sounds like it went well, and i'm glad to hear about the interest. jython solves a specific need, and i hope to extend this via our work on clamp and the c extension api
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[22:21] <jimbaker> ok, i spent some time responding to reddit for the first time. but seems like a good discussion in https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/3568mn/jython_python_for_jvm_27_released/
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