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[0:48] <fwierzbicki1> grey_: the "jython" artifact is missing the standard lib - I don't honestly even remember why we package it. It needs a name that is more of a deterrent to downloading. Jim and I where semi-jokingly discussing "jython-do-not-use" as a good name.
[0:49] <fwierzbicki1> at least I think it is missing the standard lib, I'd have to look more carefully
[0:49] <fwierzbicki1> it is definitely hard to use
[0:49] <fwierzbicki1> IIRC it sort of simulates our dev version
[0:50] <fwierzbicki1> agronholm: (answering days later) - I do actually want to put out a 2.5.4rc2 and turn it into a final, hopefully soonish.
[0:51] <fwierzbicki1> I would expect that 2.5.4 would be the last of the 2.5 line
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[6:02] <agronholm> fwierzbicki1: it would make a lot more sense to package the standard library minus third party libs as jython.jar
[6:02] <agronholm> and just put the dependencies in the pom
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[6:19] <wlievens> agronholm: that would be the expected meaning of the artifact I think
[6:19] <agronholm> yeah
[6:19] <wlievens> unless indeed "jython" is renamed into "jython-core-only" or somesuch
[6:19] <agronholm> we could have "jython-core" and "jython-lib" separately too
[6:20] <agronholm> in fact that's how I used to package my web start stuff
[6:20] <agronholm> some people have asked for a jython with (most of) the standard library removed
[6:25] <wlievens> yeah I can understand that, if you want really lightweight scripting
[6:26] <wlievens> do you have contact information for Stefan Richthofer? my use case (likely) involves numpy/scipi on jython as well and I've seem to understand he's the maintainer for a project to support those as well
[6:26] <agronholm> that project isn't done yet
[6:26] <agronholm> but let's see
[6:27] <wlievens> yes, I plan to ask him how far it is done
[6:27] <agronholm> Stefan.Richthofer@gmx.de
[6:27] <wlievens> thanks
[6:28] <wlievens> do you know, to what degree is it customary for companies to sponser specific subprojects in the jython (or wider python, perhaps) community?
[6:28] <wlievens> it's hypothetical (I haven't got a budget here or anything like that) but I figure if there are specific features missing, I might convince my employer to sponsor them
[6:28] <agronholm> I don't know really
[6:29] <agronholm> but there's nothing stopping you from doing that
[6:29] <wlievens> well there might be legal or whatever reasons not to on the side of the open source project, I don't know
[6:30] <agronholm> developers must sign the PSF contributor agreement when contributing non-trivial code to jython
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[15:10] <fwierzbicki1> agronholm: that makes sense
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[17:02] <jimbaker> wlievens, if you are reading the log - re sponsorship of subprojects - we are always open to this. as agronholm mentions, we simply require signing the PSF contributor agreement for addition of such code to jython itself
[17:03] <jimbaker> also, i'm the mentor for the gsoc project (jyni support) that stefan richthofer is working on
[17:03] <jimbaker> this is not a jython project per se, but it will be part of the jython ecosystem
[17:27] <jimbaker> so for example, i fully expect that pip install jyni will work
[17:28] <jimbaker> agronholm, fwierzbicki1 - re splitting the project, yes let's do that. maven hopefully helps here
[17:28] <jimbaker> sorry, splitting the jars...
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