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[6:17] <peke> is there a garantee that msvcr90.dll is available on a windows machine? if not, perhaps it should be distributed along with python27.dll that depends on it.
[6:18] <agronholm> there are some redistribution conditions which I don't remember
[6:18] <agronholm> so problematic from a legal perspective
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[11:06] <grey_> I am trying to exec a python script in an embedded interpreter.
[11:06] <grey_> I tried setting the path like instructed in http://www.jython.org/archive/22/userfaq.html#my-modules-can-not-be-found-when-imported-from-an-embedded-application
[11:07] <grey_> but it is not visible in sys.path https://gist.github.com/eaaltonen/d687090bd675f1014f59
[11:07] <grey_> Am I doing something wrong here?
[11:10] <grey_> ok, thanks for the teddy bear effect. The new PythonInterpreter() is supposed to go after PythonInterpreter.initialize
[11:11] <grey_> Funny how these things are obvious _after_ asking
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[11:58] <mbooth> grey_: It's always the way :-) I always knew it as "rubber-ducking" ... http://www.c2.com/cgi/wiki?RubberDucking
[12:01] <grey_> mbooth: yes, I also wondered. I guess the term is not standardized.
[12:01] <agronholm> I've always known it as rubber ducking too
[12:01] <agronholm> never heard of any teddy bear effect
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[15:52] <jimbaker> sort of sad to see the jython2.2 faq being referred to - is there stuff in there that's not reflected in other docs, or is organized in a better fashion?
[15:56] <jimbaker> the best part of the archive version is that it's internally consistent - you get to see all the links, and it even points to an older web site for jython 2.1
[15:56] <jimbaker> want to nuke. anyone else feel the same?
[15:57] <xemdetia> I remember getting stuck there
[15:57] <xemdetia> was one of my first visits to this channel :)
[15:58] <jimbaker> i just looked at the wayback machine and it looks like they do a fine job of archiving the old site
[15:58] <jimbaker> https://web.archive.org/web/20050703081328/http://www.jython.org/
[15:58] <jimbaker> is one example
[15:58] <jimbaker> so i recommend we nuke
[15:58] <xemdetia> does wayback machine respect robots.txt?
[15:59] <xemdetia> maybe it doesn't
[15:59] <xemdetia> nuke is probably the best option because it does cause significant confusion from pagerank
[16:00] <jimbaker> looks like we have an empty robots.txt
[16:01] <jimbaker> agronholm, i assume nuking is easy to do
[16:02] <jimbaker> i will send an email to jython-dev. the other thing we should consider is migrating over to the python.org design
[16:52] <jimbaker> one other possibility: use nofollow
[16:53] <jimbaker> https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/96569?hl=en
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[23:11] <gsnedders> jimbaker: FYI, everything is now merged to have Jython support on html5lib master
[23:11] <gsnedders> jimbaker: should get a release out??? probably tomorrow
[23:15] <agronholm> gsnedders: what change is this?
[23:15] <gsnedders> agronholm: what change in what sense?
[23:16] <agronholm> gsnedders> jimbaker: FYI, everything is now merged to have Jython support on html5lib master
[23:16] <agronholm> what does this refer to?
[23:16] <gsnedders> agronholm: getting pip working out of the box on Jython relies on getting html5lib working out of the box on Jython
[23:17] <agronholm> yes
[23:17] <agronholm> but I was under the impression that changing html5lib was a no-go
[23:17] <gsnedders> https://github.com/html5lib/html5lib-python/commit/b51828b20c3a3070342ef7e5f6d09676beb12303 is the commit in question
[23:17] <agronholm> and that jython needed a workaround for java not allowing lone surrogates
[23:18] <gsnedders> hah, no, just been blocked by a desire to sort stuff out properly on our side which I eventually just gave up on
[23:18] <gsnedders> (not relating to Jython, but rather blocked merging??? more or less anything)
[23:18] <gsnedders> Trying to sort it out properly rather stalled for a long while
[23:20] <gsnedders> My actual objections to supporting Jython were got rid of several years ago, then stalled because nobody wrote the code to get it to work, then stalled because our testing situation (with external testsuites and not properly storing expected results locally so getting loads of noise in the testsuite).
[23:22] <agronholm> I see
[23:22] <agronholm> well, good thing it was sorted out
[23:23] <agronholm> with that problem solved and my recently pulled setuptools PR, we should be good to go
[23:23] <gsnedders> there's no CI for Jython on the html5lib end, so it might not keep working??? but once everything flows through everything and tox is working then at least there's a decent chance stuff will keep working
[23:23] <agronholm> virtualenv PR actually...and now that I think of it, it hasn't been pulled yet :/
[23:24] <agronholm> (I confused it with the setuptools patch that was actually merged)


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