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[0:42] <jimbaker> peke, so http://bugs.jython.org/issue2343 has been around since RC1 when we first started supporting jython.exe
[0:43] <jimbaker> there is a workaround per my bug report. i don't know if this rises to serious enough to delay 2.7.0. but it should be fixed in 2.7.1
[0:44] <jimbaker> the problem is we don't know what else will happen if we switch to another packager like cx_Freeze
[0:45] <jimbaker> Tattoo, so on windows, that DLL is important. i don't know about PATH resolution on windows, maybe you simply need to add the bin to your PATH?
[0:45] <jimbaker> so it can locate DLLs?
[0:46] <jimbaker> (sadly, i wrote this native executable support with very limited knowledge about windows specifics. that's actually a big reason i got into python to begin with FWIW)
[0:47] <jimbaker> Tattoo, you can always just run jython directly by using the result of calling bin/jython.exe --print with whatever desired options
[0:48] <jimbaker> the wrapper executable - which is actually packaged via PyInstaller to use CPython - is just there to set various java options
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[6:57] <Tattoo> jimbaker: I already have PATH pointing to <INSTALL DIR>/bin
[6:59] <Tattoo> as the error message details, it seems that the problem is not finding it, but accessing it
[6:59] <Tattoo> somehow
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[7:57] <grey_> http://bugs.jython.org/issue2339 fun with classloaders
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[15:31] <Tattoo> anyone have anyidea why jython doesen't work through Jenkins?
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[18:14] <Tattoo> it seems to me the problem is the .exe -- if I run C:\jython2.7rc3\bin\jython.exe directly from cmd, I get the same error than in Jenkins
[18:16] <Tattoo> like, with absolute path
[18:34] <agronholm> what error
[18:34] <Tattoo> Error loading Python DLL: C:\JYTHON~1.7RC\bin\python27.dll (error code 14001)
[18:34] <Tattoo> that's the whole message
[18:35] <Tattoo> what java versions are supported with rc3 ?
[18:36] <agronholm> from 7 up
[18:36] <agronholm> doesn't look like a java problem though
[18:37] <Tattoo> no it doesen't, but I was trying with another windows and ran into completely different problem
[18:37] <Tattoo> but if I cannot resolve that DLL problem, that's a serious blocker imho
[18:38] <Tattoo> because that effectively stops using Jenkins CI
[18:38] <Tattoo> to build/test your projects
[18:43] <Tattoo> so any idea?
[18:43] <agronholm> none
[18:43] <agronholm> can you find out what that error code means?
[18:43] <Tattoo> it comes if also if you run the absolute path from cmd
[18:43] <agronholm> oh?
[18:43] <Tattoo> C:\jython2.7rc3\jython.exe
[18:43] <Tattoo> I have tried googling it, no luck
[18:44] <Tattoo> is that windows error code?
[18:44] <agronholm> works fine for me that way
[18:44] <Tattoo> what win?
[18:44] <agronholm> win7
[18:44] <Tattoo> how have you set up JYTHON_HOME and PATH ?
[18:45] <agronholm> neither
[18:50] <xemdetia> Tattoo, have you run the dependencywalker as suggested http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8206519/loadlibrary-fails-with-error-code-14001
[18:50] <Tattoo> xemdetia: I have not
[18:51] <xemdetia> because as agronholm suggested that is not an explicitly java/jython code
[18:51] <Tattoo> I mean, the Python27.dll is right there in the C:\jython2.7rc3\bin\
[18:52] <xemdetia> that really doesn't mean much of anything if that dll is expecting something else to be there as a dependency
[18:53] <Tattoo> oh
[18:53] <Tattoo> well this helps a bit
[18:57] <Tattoo> it seems to me, if I can read this right, I have several expected dll's missing
[18:58] <Tattoo> msvcr90.dll, ieshims.dll, mf.dll, mfplat.dll, mfreadwrite.dll, wlanapi.dll
[18:58] <Tattoo> I have no idea what these are suppose to me?
[18:58] <Tattoo> *mean
[18:59] <agronholm> the first would be the microsoft c visual runtime library
[19:00] <Tattoo> so you need that now to run jython?
[19:00] <agronholm> if so, it must be because of the launcher
[19:01] <Tattoo> so how can I then launch jython?
[19:02] <agronholm> someone else here should answer that question
[19:02] <agronholm> Tattoo: you can't get it to work in any way?
[19:03] <Tattoo> as I said, it works fine, but when I try to run it through jenkins
[19:03] <Tattoo> and that means you can't use CI with your projects
[19:03] <Tattoo> which is, at least for me, kind of bad
[19:03] <agronholm> seems odd to me that it doesn't work for you when called with an absolute path
[19:03] <agronholm> I don't even know how to begin debugging that
[19:04] <Tattoo> me neither
[19:04] <Tattoo> that's why I'm here
[19:07] <Tattoo> but thank for your help
[19:08] <xemdetia> Tattoo, what visual c++ runtimes do you have installed on that windows box
[19:08] <xemdetia> is it a clean setup?
[19:08] <xemdetia> I know agronholm mentioned a version
[19:08] <xemdetia> but I don't think you did
[19:09] <Tattoo> it's windows server 2008 r2
[19:09] <Tattoo> I have literally only installed pythons, ironpython and jython
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[19:09] <xemdetia> then yeah it's likely you just never installed a visual c++ runtime
[19:09] <xemdetia> the 08+ series of winserver doesn't ship them afaik
[19:09] <Tattoo> okay...
[19:10] <xemdetia> you have to check add/remove programs though
[19:10] <Tattoo> all this because jython.exe?
[19:10] <Tattoo> I have microsoft visual c++ compiler package for python
[19:10] <Tattoo> and .NET framework 4
[19:10] <xemdetia> if jython.exe was compiled in visual studio against the msvcr90.dll instead of just the usual basic stuff
[19:10] <xemdetia> things can get fiddly
[19:11] <xemdetia> or more appropriately
[19:11] <Tattoo> so you might want to add a note about that...
[19:11] <xemdetia> 'the basic sort of stuff I usually use because of that'
[19:11] <xemdetia> I am not a dev for jython, just a lurker jerk
[19:12] <xemdetia> Tattoo, what package did you use to install on winders?
[19:13] <xemdetia> I have a clean 08 server I can use to test
[19:13] <xemdetia> (for jython)
[19:13] <Tattoo> xemdetia: you mean jython package? the official rc3
[19:13] <Tattoo> or did you mean something else
[19:13] <Tattoo> ?
[19:14] <xemdetia> I just don't know where jython.exe came from
[19:14] <xemdetia> there are two rc3 packages
[19:14] <Tattoo> there is only one listed on the page?
[19:15] <Tattoo> oh I mean installer
[19:15] <Tattoo> and installed the default 'core' from the installer
[19:19] <agronholm> so did I
[19:23] <Tattoo> what visual studio should I install?
[19:23] <agronholm> you have searched for that dll on the hard drive and haven't found a copy?
[19:23] <Tattoo> I have no idea what I need to install, never done anything with visual studio
[19:23] <agronholm> you don't need visual studio
[19:23] <Tattoo> no I haven't
[19:24] <agronholm> then search
[19:24] <agronholm> in case you really don't have it, you can download the runtime from microsoft
[19:24] <Tattoo> but again, running `jython` from cmd works well
[19:25] <agronholm> so it can't be a case of a missing dll
[19:26] <Tattoo> well as I said, I have several missing dlls
[19:26] <Tattoo> according to the program you people told me to run
[19:26] <agronholm> if the dlls are missing, how can you explain that it runs at all?
[19:27] <Tattoo> look, I don't know
[19:27] <Tattoo> I just know that when you run with absolute path, it doesen't
[19:27] <agronholm> works for me that way
[19:27] <Tattoo> well excellent for you
[19:28] <Tattoo> for me, this is a huge problem, since it means I cannot use jython for anything anymore
[19:28] <Tattoo> since I can't put up a CI to test my projects
[19:28] <agronholm> how would you normally run jython from jenkins?
[19:29] <Tattoo> I invoke "jython" with "execute windows batch command"
[19:30] <agronholm> are you setting any of those environment variables?
[19:30] <agronholm> could you run jython the way you run it normally?
[19:30] <Tattoo> I mean I have
[19:30] <Tattoo> previous jython versions
[19:30] <Tattoo> all worked well this way
[19:30] <agronholm> but have you tried running jython *without* the absolute path, from jenkins?
[19:31] <Tattoo> of course
[19:31] <agronholm> and?
[19:31] <Tattoo> I get the error
[19:31] <Tattoo> the way to reproduce the problem is running it with absolute path in cmd
[19:31] <agronholm> but even without an absolute path you get the error from jenkins
[19:31] <Tattoo> yes, exactly
[19:32] <agronholm> what if you cd directly into jython's bin directory and run the exe from there?
[19:32] <Tattoo> let's try
[19:33] <Tattoo> the same problem
[19:42] <Tattoo> okay, now I get the same error by just runnin `jython` in cmd
[19:42] <Tattoo> so apparently I made it worse :D
[19:42] <Tattoo> I did install visual c++ runtime
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[20:40] <xemdetia> Tattoo, which runtime did you install
[20:40] <xemdetia> it seems vc90 is supplied by the 2008 libs
[20:41] <xemdetia> I wonder if regsvr32 got messed up
[20:41] <xemdetia> I don't know if jython uses that in the installer
[20:42] <Tattoo> xemdetia: latest
[20:42] <xemdetia> yeah but 2008?
[20:42] <xemdetia> you can install runtime libraries to match every version of visual studio
[20:43] <Tattoo> how do I know what visual studio I have? because I think the answer is "nothing"
[20:45] <xemdetia> Tattoo, I am not saying that. I am asking what version of the C++ libs you installed because it matters depending on the Visual Studio the project you are trying to use is built off of
[20:45] <Tattoo> I'm not using visual studio for anything
[20:45] <xemdetia> I am not asking you to
[20:45] <Tattoo> I'm trying to run python software with jython
[20:45] <xemdetia> https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=29
[20:45] <xemdetia> this is what I am talking about
[20:45] <xemdetia> have you used these before
[20:46] <Tattoo> not at all
[20:46] <Tattoo> I did install the most latest one
[20:46] <Tattoo> x64 and x86
[20:46] <xemdetia> the latest one of what?
[20:46] <Tattoo> of the redistributable packages
[20:46] <xemdetia> just link me the one you installed
[20:46] <xemdetia> 2008 != 2012 and so on
[20:48] <Tattoo> this one: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784
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[20:49] <xemdetia> ok, that's the wrong one. let me finish trying to replicate your env
[20:50] <Tattoo> so I need 2008 or what?
[20:50] <xemdetia> "msvcr90.dll" says you need version 9, which means you need version 2008
[20:50] <xemdetia> so it is worth trying that
[20:55] <xemdetia> did you install server core only for some reason
[20:57] <Tattoo> I don't know, it's not my installation
[21:00] <Tattoo> xemdetia: so it complains I don't have visual studio installed
[21:01] <xemdetia> for the redistributable?
[21:01] <Tattoo> yes
[21:01] <Tattoo> A compatible version of Visual Studio 2008 was not detected on the system
[21:02] <xemdetia> let's just look at event viewer
[21:02] <xemdetia> see if there are any winsxs issues there
[21:02] <xemdetia> apparently that's another thing to look at
[21:04] <Tattoo> I do appreciate the help man, but it's past midnight where I am
[21:04] <Tattoo> I need to make it to the work in the morning
[21:04] <Tattoo> maybe look this at later time?
[21:04] <Tattoo> but thanks again the help, I appreciate it
[21:05] <xemdetia> sure there are people who watch this channel all the time
[21:09] <jimbaker> Tattoo, for jenkins on windows i recommend you just launch jython with java directly
[21:09] <jimbaker> jython.exe is just a launcher
[21:10] <jimbaker> eg, here's what it takes to run on os x: java -Xmx512m -Xss1024k -classpath /Users/jbaker/jython2.7rc3/jython.jar:. -Dpython.home=/Users/jbaker/jython2.7rc3 -Dpython.executable=/Users/jbaker/jython2.7rc3/bin/jython -Dpython.launcher.uname=darwin -Dpython.launcher.tty=true -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 org.python.util.jython
[21:10] <jimbaker> i got this from running jython --print
[21:11] <jimbaker> let me check windows to see what is reported
[21:11] <xemdetia> jimbaker, where does the source of jython.exe live in the jython github? I only see the final binary
[21:11] <jimbaker> jython.py is the source
[21:11] <jimbaker> it's packaged as an exe by this command:
[21:12] <jimbaker> pyinstaller jython.py
[21:14] <jimbaker> to get pyinstaller, i just ran C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install PyInstaller
[21:15] <xemdetia> I wonder if that is where this odd dependency issue is coming from
[21:15] <xemdetia> my win08r2 clean server didn't have any issues but he mentioned he installed .net 4 and I only installed .net 3.5
[21:15] <xemdetia> I was able to find the vs runtime dll in winsxs though
[21:15] <xemdetia> now I am dubious on the cleanliness of this machine :)
[21:15] <jimbaker> "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_55\bin\java" -Xmx512m -Xss1024k -classpath c:\jython2.7rc3\jython.jar;. -Dpython.home=c:\jython2.7rc3 -Dpython.executable=c:\jython2.7rc3\bin\jython.exe -Dpython.launcher.uname=windows -Dpython.launcher.tty=true org.python.util.jython
[21:16] <jimbaker> is what it takes to run on windows for me
[21:16] <xemdetia> yeah the jython wrapper works okay for me, I usually have used jython with the long version you described
[21:16] <xemdetia> let jars be jars and all that
[21:16] <jimbaker> xemdetia, indeed
[21:17] <jimbaker> i think exe support is only important for tying together installed commands, like nose etc
[21:17] <xemdetia> I am not really sure, I just got interested in this case because I haven't done any windows dll silliness in a long time
[21:18] <jimbaker> xemdetia, :) we certainly welcome any help puzzling this out
[21:19] <jimbaker> of the active committers, only jeff allen really knows windows
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[21:21] <Tattoo> xemdetia: as said, I haven't installed no .NET
[21:21] <xemdetia> <Tattoo> I have microsoft visual c++ compiler package for python
[21:21] <xemdetia> <Tattoo> and .NET framework 4
[21:21] <xemdetia> :<
[21:21] <xemdetia> what does this mean then
[21:21] <Tattoo> it means my machine has them
[21:21] <Tattoo> but I didn't install them
[21:21] <Tattoo> and they have been there all the time as far as I remember
[21:22] <xemdetia> it depends on how you installed 2008
[21:22] <xemdetia> you can install with or without .net if I remember right
[21:22] <Tattoo> like I said, I haven't install this machine
[21:23] <xemdetia> well the next thing to do is examine event viewer for sxs errors and do a hard search for dlls in \windows\winsxs
[21:23] <xemdetia> in my instance I do have msvcr90.dll
[21:23] <xemdetia> so my jython works fine
[21:23] <Tattoo> my main point is, jython.exe launcher does not work for me. if this is more general problem than just me and my setup, it means nobody can run jython in Jenkins and that's, I feel, a big problem
[21:24] <Tattoo> like I have said, my jython works (at least worked) from cmd also well
[21:24] <jimbaker> i know that in my particular case, there's nothing on my windows 8.1 vm that's not default other than emacs, cygwin, chrome, java, and cpython 2.7
[21:24] <xemdetia> yeah but I think the consumer ones install some of the vs runtimes by default
[21:24] <Tattoo> the problem is, however, when I run it with absolute path in cmd
[21:25] <Tattoo> then I get the same error than with jenkins
[21:25] <jimbaker> no dot-net extras nor visual studio
[21:25] <Tattoo> I don't have visual studio, btw
[21:25] <xemdetia> I am not talking about visual studio, but the runtimes
[21:25] <jimbaker> Tattoo, did you try launching with the result of jython --print ?
[21:25] <xemdetia> the runtimes are where dll hell comes from
[21:26] <xemdetia> it is the glibc incompat headaches of the windows world
[21:27] <Tattoo> same error:
[21:27] <Tattoo> c:\jenkins\workspace\win-jython-test>jython --print
[21:27] <Tattoo> Error loading Python DLL: C:\JYTHON~1.7RC\bin\python27.dll (error code 14001)
[21:27] <xemdetia> yeah it's not even able to finish loading the pe image
[21:28] <Tattoo> but like I said, it's past midnight where I am so we have to continue with this later on
[21:30] <xemdetia> jimbaker, so I guess the next question is where does python27.dll come from for jython?
[21:30] <xemdetia> is that also pyinstaller?
[21:31] <jimbaker> xemdetia, well i believe it's from cpython itself
[21:31] <xemdetia> alright
[21:31] <jimbaker> but we took it from pyinstaller from its dist/
[21:33] <jimbaker> maybe it's built from all the pyd that are referenced?
[21:33] <jimbaker> just looking at my cpython 2.7 install on windows
[21:33] <jimbaker> anyway... it doesn't change from one run of pyinstaller to the next
[21:33] <xemdetia> yeah, it's not even that
[21:33] <Tattoo> python27.dll is btw in the bin/-folder
[21:34] <xemdetia> it's mostly that there is this: http://i.imgur.com/fzO92Mx.png
[21:34] <xemdetia> jython.exe depends on python27.dll which depends on msvcr90.dll and for whatever reason it isn't in this troubled enviornment
[21:35] <jimbaker> yes, we redistribute python27.dll in jython's bin dir
[21:35] <Tattoo> and it might be that it's not in several environments
[21:35] <Tattoo> not just my "troubled" one
[21:35] <xemdetia> well I don't like to raise the alarm until I see two cases
[21:36] <xemdetia> but that's just because of the stuff I usually deal with
[21:37] <jimbaker> fwiw, we may replace jython.exe with an optimized launcher that uses JNI directly. stefan (stewori) has been looking at that
[21:37] <jimbaker> so a new jython.exe, that's much trimmer and potentially more capable
[21:46] <xemdetia> makes sense
[21:46] <xemdetia> it seems like kind of a lot
[21:46] <xemdetia> I just don't have much to compare it to right now ofc
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[22:15] <jimbaker> xemdetia, we just want to execute this functionality - https://github.com/jythontools/jython/blob/master/src/shell/jython.py - there's really not much there
[22:16] <jimbaker> the other possibility is to look at the other packagers - cx_Freeze and py2exe
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