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[1:52] <trigoman_> agronholm, I have the command for you. It chokes up with this error: /usr/bin/env: python2.7: Argument list too long.
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[1:53] <trigoman> idk how to actually find the command that it's trying to run
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[2:11] <agronholm> trigoman: that's not very helpful :/
[2:12] <trigoman> =(
[2:12] <agronholm> the new launcher is probably the culprit
[2:12] <trigoman> I wish I knew how to help out. Can you give me some pointers?
[2:12] <agronholm> trigoman: what do you do to get that error?
[2:13] * agronholm changes topic to 'Jython 2.7rc3 released: http://tinyurl.com/mpokop2 | This channel is logged: http://jython.extreme.st/irclogs/ | Please update the wiki: http://wiki.python.org/jython | Jython Book: http://jythonbook.com | Podcast: http://jython.org/jythonpodcast/'
[2:13] <trigoman> Exactly what you did yesterday. I'll set up a vagrant VM tonight see if I can reproduce it at home.
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[4:04] <rgb_byte> I tried: from ctypes import wintypes which failed. What is up?
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[4:11] <agronholm> is that even supposed to work on jython?
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[6:17] <trigoman_> agronholm, I've reproduced the bug!
[6:17] <agronholm> ok?
[6:18] <trigoman_> It's gone in 2.7rc3 though, but if it's of any help in the future. I have a way to do it exactly step by step.
[6:18] <agronholm> if rc3 fixes it then there's no problem as far as I'm concerned
[6:18] <trigoman_> =)
[6:19] <trigoman_> There have been a lot of releases in the past month. I'm glad to see that.
[6:20] <trigoman_> I'm off to bed, thanks for all your help.
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[10:27] <grey_> The release notes mention "installing Jython scripts on Windows"
[10:27] <grey_> What would be the default way to identify a Jython script?
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[14:22] <jimbaker> trigoman, so the use of /usr/bin/env was causing other issues than not being able to run -E
[14:22] <jimbaker> but i fixed that in rc3 by adding an explicit link to cpython
[14:33] <jimbaker> agronholm, re rgb_byte's question: should this summer with stefan's work on making a full cytpes available, via JyNI
[14:33] <jimbaker> btw, his gsoc slot was approved, so he's all set to go
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[16:43] <peke> full ctypes support would be sweeeet!
[16:52] <GothAlice> Anyone have an example of getting Jython up and running on Travis CI using the latest version? Their blog post about it doesn't exactly fit with my current TOXENV setup: https://github.com/marrow/cache/blob/develop/.travis.yml
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[17:28] <jimbaker> peke, any chance running robot framework yet on rc3?
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[19:12] <agronholm> jimbaker: can we add that alternate PyUnicode class to 2.7.x, to get the mainstream pip version to install?
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[19:12] <agronholm> if not, then there's no point in merging my pending PR to virtualenv
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[19:21] <agronholm> GothAlice: what blog post are you referring to?
[19:21] <GothAlice> https://www.topbug.net/blog/2012/05/27/use-travis-ci-with-jython/
[19:22] <GothAlice> It uses "python"-based runtime selection, then "env"-based JYTHON, to construct a matrix of test suites. I'm already using "env" to populate TOXENV, and use tox to run the tests, not Travis's native method.
[19:23] <agronholm> looks brain damaged
[19:23] <agronholm> I don't do it like that
[19:23] <agronholm> I just add jython as one of tox environments
[19:23] <GothAlice> Link to an example?
[19:23] <GothAlice> Part of the trick is, of course, getting the latest version installed in Travis???
[19:24] <agronholm> the tox configuration is trivial, it's the same as with pypy really
[19:24] <agronholm> apscheduler doesn't currently have a jython environment but it used to
[19:25] <agronholm> iirc the jython installer can work be fully automated
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[23:21] <agronholm> GothAlice: ok so you need the -s and -d switches for the jython installer
[23:21] <GothAlice> Curl, java -jar-ness, and I'm good to go?
[23:22] <agronholm> should be
[23:22] <agronholm> you may want to trim down the installation by specifying -i
[23:22] <agronholm> see --help for the installer
[23:27] <agronholm> fwierzbicki: are you aware and ok with the change I'm making to jython 3 regarding os.name?
[23:32] <fwierzbicki> I'm not, but I think I can guess - making os.name consistent with CPython and leaving os._name as an alias for backwards compatibility?
[23:32] <fwierzbicki> agronholm: ^^^
[23:33] <agronholm> do we really need it?
[23:33] <fwierzbicki> os._name?
[23:33] <agronholm> yeh
[23:33] <fwierzbicki> not sure honestly
[23:33] <agronholm> everything I've seen checks os.name first
[23:33] <fwierzbicki> oh right
[23:34] <fwierzbicki> and it will only look at _name if name == "jython"
[23:34] <fwierzbicki> or startswith Java
[23:34] <fwierzbicki> whatever it is ;)
[23:34] <fwierzbicki> so yeah alias is not necessary
[23:34] <agronholm> ok great
[23:34] <agronholm> a lot of patches can be trimmed down or even completely eliminated with this change
[23:34] <fwierzbicki> I like the idea. It will probably cause trouble on windows (they will assume win32 will work)
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[23:35] <fwierzbicki> but maybe the best way to solve that is to find someone to implement win32 :)
[23:35] <agronholm> well, they should check the platform
[23:35] <fwierzbicki> sure or python_implementation
[23:35] <agronholm> right, that one too
[23:35] <agronholm> didn't jim mention at some point that we needed to get rid of PySystemState?
[23:35] <agronholm> or do I remember wrong
[23:36] <fwierzbicki> I also believe jimbaker is a fan of making os.name consistent with CPython
[23:36] <agronholm> yeah we talked about that already with jim
[23:36] <fwierzbicki> I don't know about PySystemState - that does sound like something Jim would want to do
[23:36] <agronholm> PySystemState does some initialization that I think should be done in PythonInterpreter instead
[23:36] <fwierzbicki> that sounds reasonable to me
[23:37] <fwierzbicki> oh btw I did look at os.py ??? forgot to mention. It pretty much hits all of the new grammar changes :)
[23:37] <fwierzbicki> more than I have gotten too I mean
[23:37] <fwierzbicki> but I'm getting there
[23:37] <fwierzbicki> it's a good target
[23:38] <agronholm> ok -- and JYTHONPATH -> PYTHONPATH also ok?
[23:39] <agronholm> or was there a reason we needed a separate variable
[23:39] <agronholm> one of the reasons virtualenv currently doesn't work on jython is that
[23:39] <agronholm> I have a PR pending for that, but it'd be cleaner to just use PYTHONPATH
[23:42] <fwierzbicki> there's no real reason it was a choice, but I'm good with more CPython consistency
[23:42] <agronholm> great
[23:43] <fwierzbicki> oh I should say I'm generally talking about 3.x
[23:43] <fwierzbicki> here
[23:43] <agronholm> yeah, so am I
[23:43] <fwierzbicki> cool
[23:48] <agronholm> ok, I just pushed that change
[23:50] <agronholm> fwierzbicki: I wonder if there's any point in following CPython with that weird "mbcs" encoding alias
[23:50] <agronholm> on Windows that is
[23:50] <agronholm> I could just use System.getProperty("file.encoding") and get the right answer
[23:51] <fwierzbicki> that sounds good to me - I guess it depends on if anybody actually depends on mbcs out there
[23:51] <fwierzbicki> I guess somebody probably does
[23:51] <agronholm> I very much doubt it
[23:51] <agronholm> mbcs is not an actual encoding after all
[23:52] <agronholm> it's just an alias to "whatever the current locale encoding is"
[23:52] <fwierzbicki> ah I see
[23:52] <agronholm> which I can already get from file.encoding
[23:52] <fwierzbicki> sure


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