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[0:24] <trigoman> I'm currently working really hard to get this library working in Jython. I don't just want to hog resources from this community but I have no where to go in terms of searching for help. Jython resources are scarce.
[0:24] <trigoman> So I'll keep it short, is virtualenv not working in Jython 2.7rc2?
[0:29] <agronholm> trigoman: yup, there are two problems, one for which I submitted a PR today
[0:29] <agronholm> the other one is harder to fix
[0:29] <agronholm> much harder :)
[0:30] <trigoman> agronholm, I was using rc1 yesterday and today I switched to rc2 and it stopped working =(
[0:31] <trigoman> That puts me at ease. I'm trying to understand how to go about searching for info. I saw something submitted a PR to the virtualenv repo.
[0:31] <trigoman> s/something/someone
[0:32] <agronholm> virtualenv had a problem that prevented it from working with any version of jython
[0:32] <agronholm> so it couldn't have worked
[0:32] <agronholm> for one, the issue I submitted a PR against, was about jython only honoring JYTHONPATH, not PYTHONPATH
[0:32] <trigoman> So the way I have been doing it is by passing the --no-setuptools
[0:32] <agronholm> okay
[0:32] <agronholm> that is a workaround
[0:32] <agronholm> and that blew up then?
[0:33] <trigoman> _then_ I install setuptools and pip from the jythontools group
[0:33] <trigoman> that worked in rc1
[0:33] <agronholm> what went wrong this time then
[0:33] <trigoman> in rc2 I keep getting this "too many arguments list" error
[0:33] <agronholm> I saw that before, at pycon
[0:33] <agronholm> can you figure out what arguments it was trying to pass to jython?
[0:34] <trigoman> I can try. Simply running python in the virtualenv causes that problem.
[0:35] <trigoman> I'm really new to all of this, I'm a Scala developer =)
[0:36] <trigoman> I don't want to submit bug reports if it's just a mistake on my setup.
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[1:20] <agronholm> trigoman: I couldn't repeat that problem
[1:20] <agronholm> running jython in the virtualenv worked fine
[1:21] <trigoman> That's a good sign that I screwed up something.
[1:21] <agronholm> how did you create the virtualenv exactly?
[1:22] <trigoman> Could my shell be adding extra parameters?
[1:22] <agronholm> please just answer my question first
[1:22] <trigoman> after I install setuptool and pip, I proceed to install virtualenv with pip
[1:23] <trigoman> then I simply run: virtualenv venv --no-setuptools
[1:23] <agronholm> ok so you installed them on jython
[1:23] <agronholm> that's what I didn't do
[1:25] <trigoman> Was I not supposed to do that?
[1:25] <agronholm> it should work that way
[1:27] <agronholm> trigoman: I still can't reproduce that problem
[1:28] <trigoman> I'll try it again tomorrow on my work computer, and verify that I hit that issue.
[1:28] <trigoman> I'll try both ways
[1:28] <agronholm> https://bpaste.net/show/f0ed0bc09a4b
[1:29] <trigoman> I source the activate script
[1:29] <trigoman> and then run python
[1:30] <agronholm> "python" not "jython2?
[1:30] <agronholm> "jython"
[1:30] <trigoman> python, but it's an alias to jython once you've sourced it
[1:30] <trigoman> idk if that matters
[1:30] <agronholm> it doesn't...and I still don't get that error
[1:30] <agronholm> so please figure out what arguments it's trying to pass
[1:31] <agronholm> can you at least give me the output?
[1:31] <trigoman> One sec.
[1:33] <trigoman> My desktop at work is off, I couldn't ssh. I'll get online tomorrow and find out what the arguments that are being sent are.
[1:34] <trigoman> I remember it being "Arguments list too long" this happened both on an Ubuntu VM, and OSX. I'm using zsh running oh-my-zsh but like you said it doesn't matter until I figure out what the actual arguments are.
[1:35] <trigoman> agronholm, thanks for the chat, sorry for the trouble, heading out for dinner.
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[7:30] <agronholm> I just dug deeper into the test_mhlib failure on my machine
[7:30] <agronholm> it seems like it's expecting 2 hard links in the directory, but only getting one
[7:31] <agronholm> so it returns an empty list which then fails the test
[7:32] <agronholm> st_nlink seems to return 1 for every directory on my machine
[7:41] <agronholm> the test seems to be wrong
[7:41] <agronholm> err, mhlib code I mean
[7:42] <agronholm> the value of st_nlink for directories is not exactly specified anywhere
[7:43] <agronholm> ok I've figured out why this happens
[7:44] <agronholm> btrfs sets st_nlink to 1 for every directory
[7:44] <agronholm> therefore the optimization in mhlib where it checks for st_nlink <= 2 is patently invalid
[7:53] <agronholm> ah, it's this problem: http://bugs.python.org/issue7759
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[8:59] <peke> agronholm: sorry, no opinions about sys.sys.getfilesystemencoding other than it actually returning a valid value would be great. file.encoding seemed to return the current encoding, but there was a problem that jython didn't support all of them. apparently that was related to missing cjk-codecs that ought to be fixed.
[9:00] <peke> jimbaker: do you see problems sys.getfilesystemencoding using file.encoding?
[9:01] <peke> sys.getfilesystemencoding fixes are probably too late for 2.7.0 anyway, but would be great to include it in 2.7.1.
[9:02] <peke> that has a potential to fix but also break existing code, so it should be done as early as possible in 2.7.1 release cycle.
[9:03] <peke> agronholm: jimbaker: could the "Arguments list too long" problem trigoman had with rc2 but not in rc1 be related to jython.sh being replaced with jython.py?
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[14:38] <jimbaker> peke, quite possibly. looks like trigoman just left. best bet is to try bin/jython --print and go from there
[14:40] <jimbaker> but fwiw, in rc3 the launcher is much better tested
[14:41] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki1, peke, one possibility that occurred to me is that we should probe bin/jython.py --print before installing it as the default script, otherwise backing out to the old bash script
[14:41] <jimbaker> we could try another round, but i won't have time to work on this in any substantial way until next week
[14:42] <jimbaker> actually next weekend, so that's may 1 or so
[14:42] <jimbaker> others welcome of course :)
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[15:58] <jimbaker> agronholm, can you update the message title to show the RC3 download, now that it has been finalized?
[15:59] <jimbaker> i wonder if we should just have a tinyurl that points to the latest release fwiw
[16:00] <jimbaker> with a meaningful name instead of nxdnt...
[16:00] <jimbaker> but nits for sure :)
[16:02] <jimbaker> peke, also this means we would love to see your testing results with this finalized rc3...
[16:11] * Arfrever changes topic to 'Jython 2.7rc3 released: http://fwierzbicki.blogspot.com/2015/04/jython-27-release-candidate-3-available.html | This channel is logged: http://jython.extreme.st/irclogs/ | Please update the wiki: http://wiki.python.org/jython | Jython Book: http://jythonbook.com | Podcast: http://jython.org/jythonpodcast/'
[16:13] <Arfrever> jimbaker: I updated topic. (No protection of topic in this channel :) .)
[16:14] <jimbaker> Arfrever, uh oh :)
[16:16] <jimbaker> fortunately no one malicious here today. but agronholm, probably best to fix that ASAP. also maybe make a few more of us channel ops. i nominate Arfrever for sure, and i probably should be one as well
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[18:12] * agronholm sets mode +t
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[18:28] <agronholm> I wonder why chanserv insists on -t
[18:28] <Arfrever> "/chanserv info #jython" : "Mode lock : -st"
[18:29] <agronholm> who could've set that and when?
[18:31] <Arfrever> agronholm: Tell chanserv: set #jython mlock +st
[18:31] <agronholm> why +s?
[18:31] <agronholm> this isn't secret...
[18:32] * ChanServ sets mode +t
[18:32] <agronholm> it's -s+t now
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