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[14:53] <jimbaker> peke, sounds good about the testing
[14:54] <jimbaker> would love to get feedback on aix, hpux, solaris, bsd, alternative JVMs... i just test on windows 8.1, ubuntu 14.10, and os x 10.10
[14:55] <jimbaker> with openjdk and oracle jdk
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[19:09] <agronholm> I pushed the modified Lib/os.py to the jython3 repo -- fwierzbicki1, mind checking it out when you have time?
[19:12] <agronholm> if this approach is fine, I can probably delete some other patches straight away
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[19:21] <agronholm> another thing -- should we stick with JYTHONPATH or respect PYTHONPATH?
[19:46] <jimbaker> agronholm, i think PYTHONPATH is the right approach
[19:47] <agronholm> ok
[19:56] <agronholm> I've opened new PRs in both setuptools and virtualenv that should remove some roadblocks for jython compatibility
[20:10] <agronholm> jimbaker: I simply renamed JYTHONPATH to PYTHONPATH everywhere (on 3.5)
[20:11] <agronholm> what's the best way to check (from the java code) if we're on Windows?
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[22:47] <jimbaker> agronholm, http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/java/lang/System.html#getProperties%28%29
[22:47] <jimbaker> specifically os.name
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[22:48] <agronholm> ok, I did that already
[22:49] <agronholm> I've written code that figures out the return value for sys.getfilesystemencoding()
[23:11] <peke> agronholm: is that applicable also in 2.7? would be great.
[23:14] <agronholm> peke: it should be
[23:15] <agronholm> since it returns None now, I doubt anything will break if we add this to 2.7.1 :)
[23:15] <peke> agronholm: yeah, that ought to be safe. assuming that it returns a correct value, of course.
[23:16] <agronholm> turns out Charset.defaultEncoding() is not the answer -- instead I looked at CPython's code and imitated that
[23:16] <agronholm> one problem is that for Windows the answer is "mbcs" but using that as codec fails on jython obviously
[23:17] <agronholm> mbcs is really just a pointer to whatever codec is currently configured, and I'm not sure what that is in practice
[23:23] <peke> agronholm: here's an issue i submitted about sys.getfilesystemencoding few years ago: http://bugs.jython.org/issue1839
[23:23] <peke> it has some valuable comments by jimbaker
[23:24] <jimbaker> glad it was recorded somewhere, i have completely forgotten at this point
[23:24] <jimbaker> :)
[23:25] <agronholm> should we use file.encoding for something?
[23:25] <agronholm> right now I just did what CPython does
[23:26] <jimbaker> one of the things i least liked about working on 2.7.0 was unnecessary complexity like this. good for compatibility, yes. but not terribly fun either
[23:27] <jimbaker> right now, i plan to spend time on clamp again, which is far more interesting. also good for the minecraft work w/ eatkin
[23:28] <agronholm> peke: any opinions?


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