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[20:32] <agronholm> hehe
[20:32] <agronholm> I was working on the patch generation and application scripts
[20:32] <agronholm> when I noticed both already exist in Misc/
[20:37] <agronholm> it gets worse...guess who authored both scripts? good old me :)
[20:38] <agronholm> I had totally forgotten about it :)
[20:38] <agronholm> I now remember I did it during the 2.7 sprint back in pycon 2012
[20:49] <jimbaker> agronholm, :)
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[21:12] <fwierzbicki1> agronholm: So my memory was right and I'm not crazy :)
[21:13] <agronholm> fwierzbicki1: I'm in the process of updating them
[21:13] <agronholm> the scripts look at the version history -- I'm changing them to simply create diffs against lib-python
[21:14] <agronholm> the previous behavior was helpful with the 2.5 -> 2.7 migration
[21:14] <agronholm> not anymore
[21:29] <fwierzbicki1> agronholm: cool. FYI there is some support for python3 language constructs in the grammar, but none in the compiler, so most python3 semantics will give compiler errors
[21:30] <agronholm> roger that
[21:31] <fwierzbicki1> @ and @= are the only ones that I saw all the way through. Probably because they are empty implementations in CPython too
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