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[9:08] <grey_> So I just thought to test rc2 on my linux vm.
[9:08] <grey_> echo $(which -a jython)
[9:08] <grey_> /home/build/bin/jython /usr/local/bin/jython /usr/bin/jython
[9:09] <grey_> Some local options, and then the installer generated scripts from version 2.5.3
[9:09] <grey_> Have to figure out the new launching style
[9:11] <grey_> oops, my bad. Those were from the Debian package
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[14:07] <m01_> So I've been chewing on this calling-Python-from-Java-without-Python-Interpreter issue where my .py file isn't being found. Yesterday I got that to work by setting the python.path property using PySystemState.initialize(props, null).. now in production it turns out that we ALSO pass in a JYTHONPATH environment variable, which takes precendence. Setting PySystemState.path afterwards didn't work. Does anyone have ideas on how I can modify python.path
[14:07] <m01_> post initialisation?
[14:08] <agronholm> m01_: append to sys.path?
[14:08] <m01_> That was my original attempt and it didn't work
[14:08] <m01_> The difference seems to be that a foo$.class file wasn't being generated when I used sys.path
[14:09] <agronholm> hrm
[14:09] <m01_> (for foo.py)
[14:10] <m01_> yeah "hrm" indeed! I feel like I'm going mad ;)
[14:10] <agronholm> I'm still very much in the process of learning how Jython internals work
[14:13] <m01_> yeah, I've been trying to read PySystemState.java and reverse-engineer different ways of feeding it data
[14:14] <m01_> looks like if I pass the python.path property as post init property then it works, but I override the JYTHONPATH, so I need to manually merge the two
[14:20] <m01_> that seems to work
[14:20] <m01_> wow.
[14:20] <m01_> such hackery
[14:26] <agronholm> jimbaker: are you coming?
[14:31] <m01_> btw, the release candidates are much appreciated :-)
[15:03] <agronholm> why do we have two sandbox repos for jython 3?
[15:03] <agronholm> jython3 and jy3k
[15:49] <m01_> does anyone know what sys.prefix should be set to in Jython?
[15:50] <m01_> (i'm having some trouble with gettext not finding the default locale directory
[15:51] <m01_> I suspect it needs to be point somewhere in the jar..
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[16:24] <agronholm> fwierzbicki: you around?
[16:24] <agronholm> I'm replacing the standard library with that of 3.5.0a3
[16:24] <agronholm> in sandbox/jython3
[16:25] <fwierzbicki> agronholm: sure go for it — you have a script that tries to reapply the diffs right?
[16:26] <fwierzbicki> I have only partially updated the grammar though - lots of things are going to fail just because of that
[16:26] <agronholm> fwierzbicki: I don't -- do you?
[16:26] <agronholm> yeah, I realize things are going to fail big time
[16:26] <fwierzbicki> I don't - hmmm I must be thinking of something else
[16:27] <fwierzbicki> I remember someone had some kind of script that managed to work with "hg diff"
[16:28] <agronholm> I can just write something from scratch
[16:28] <fwierzbicki> sounds great!
[16:29] <fwierzbicki> I plan to keep the 2.7 only features in the grammar until the 3.x really starts to work
[16:29] <fwierzbicki> (so things like the print statement)
[16:29] <agronholm> ok
[16:30] <fwierzbicki> so that 2.7 regrtest still works - but I can replace the Lib/ manually in my local build. It would be cool to see if any 3.x Lib/ works....
[16:31] <agronholm> I'm going to update the version too. 3.5.0a1+ ?
[16:31] <fwierzbicki> sounds good to me
[16:31] <agronholm> ok
[16:32] <fwierzbicki> Let me know if you see obvious grammar issues in regrtest.py - that would lead me to prioritize those
[16:32] <fwierzbicki> Well, if that interests you :)
[16:32] <agronholm> what's jython.release_serial?
[16:32] <fwierzbicki> Generally 0
[16:32] <fwierzbicki> for rc2 it is 2
[16:32] <fwierzbicki> that's what it means
[16:33] <agronholm> ok so I should set it to 1 for alpha 1?
[16:33] <fwierzbicki> sure that makes sense
[16:33] <agronholm> ok
[16:38] <fwierzbicki> I'll put a boolean in the grammar to turn print_function and unicode_literal "on" for python3 and "off" for python2.
[16:38] <agronholm> how will that work then
[16:39] <fwierzbicki> I will set it to true in the repo so you'll get those on — it will be for me to switch back to 2.7
[16:39] <fwierzbicki> so basically you won't have to worry about it
[16:41] <fwierzbicki> ok done, so print will be a function only, and unicode literals is on
[16:41] <fwierzbicki> oops wait, did the bool the wrong way, fixing :)
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[18:41] <GothAlice> eatkin: https://web.archive.org/web/20130925042333/http://tech.matchfwd.com/your-code-style-guide-is-crap-but-still-better-than-nothing/
[18:44] <jimbaker> m01_, any feedback would be appreciated on these issues
[18:44] <jimbaker> i appreciate this is hacky, but it's also really hard to figure out what it should be to make it better without breaking lots of users
[18:44] <jimbaker> so we have punted
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[18:55] <agronholm> bug tracker going to break temporarily
[19:26] <agronholm> bug tracker updates
[19:26] <agronholm> *updated
[19:26] <agronholm> we now have a milestone field
[19:26] <agronholm> I've added a number of milestones
[19:26] <agronholm> I also assigned developer privileges to stefan and coordinator privileges to jimbaker
[19:32] <GothAlice> \o/
[20:01] <jimbaker> agronholm, thanks
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[20:09] <agronholm> jimbaker: do we have a custom version of virtualenv for jython?
[20:10] <agronholm> jimbaker: I'm trying to figure out how to get it to work
[20:10] <agronholm> jimbaker: I'm mostly concerned about the virtualenv_support directory contents
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[22:29] <m01_> jimbaker: re your earlier message with my name in it: yes. I'm hoping to somehow spare others of this, either through doing something to the docs, or filing a bug, whatever. At the moment it's not clear to me what the expected/desired behaviour even is. I'll need to finish this bit to get stuff working, but after that I really hope to be able to do something about it
[22:30] <m01_> this whole investigation started because I was trying to figure out why it's taking 1.5min on our production system to load and run a simple script...
[22:31] <m01_> I thought it was the Python interpreter, so I was looking into how to avoid that, etc. Now I'm worried it's actually the imports (we have a grand total of 8 imports, all but 1 of which are python standard libs, and the custom one should be pretty straightforward)..
[22:37] <m01_> I'm trying to profile it with the oracle java mission control and flight recorder tools. It looks like I'm spending most of my time in java.lang.Object.wait()
[22:37] <m01_> who knows, maybe I'm misinterpreting something.
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