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[14:36] <jimbaker> eatkin, good to see you here!
[14:38] <eatkin> thanks
[14:42] <jimbaker> eatkin, https://github.com/jimbaker/clamped is the starter project for the integration
[14:43] <jimbaker> although https://github.com/jimbaker/hellowsgi is probably a friendlier intro to this type of introduciton
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[15:29] <jimbaker> nathan_, welcome to #jython
[15:29] <jimbaker> here's the bug i suggest you look at http://bugs.jython.org/issue2322
[15:30] <jimbaker> the jython specific dev guide is https://wiki.python.org/jython/JythonDeveloperGuide
[15:30] <jimbaker> the ported guide is http://www.jython.org/devguide/
[15:30] <nathan_> got it. thank you
[15:31] <jimbaker> nathan_, if you run into any issues in the dev guide, or have any ideas on how to improve - and ideally combine - please tell us
[15:31] <nathan_> got it
[15:31] <jimbaker> agronholm, we probably should point to http://www.jython.org/devguide/ as primary on jython.org
[15:31] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, any thoughts?
[15:36] <jimbaker> nickmbailey, in my attempt to be as busy as possible, i will also talk with glyph re twisted this week
[15:37] <nickmbailey> sweet :)
[15:45] <m01_> hi people. I'm having some trouble getting a piece of Java code to use Jython to call a Python function
[15:46] <m01_> I followed the method explained here: http://www.jython.org/jythonbook/en/1.0/JythonAndJavaIntegration.html#more-efficient-version-of-loosely-coupled-object-factory
[15:46] <m01_> which seems to load the Python stuff without using the PythonInterpreter
[15:47] <m01_> I got that working, but then it didn't work on another system and I realised that there was a leftover foo.py$.class file lying around. after deleting that file it doesn't work on my original system either anymore
[15:47] <jimbaker> m01_, are you here at the sprints with us? or following remotely?
[15:47] <m01_> oh neither, I just stumbled across this IRC channel and thought to ask a question I had..
[15:47] <jimbaker> but in general, i recommend people consider using the clamp package
[15:47] <jimbaker> which is the successor to this approach
[15:47] <jimbaker> https://github.com/jimbaker/clamped
[15:48] <m01_> ah.
[15:48] <m01_> I'll have a look at that
[15:49] <m01_> I can't use that with vanilla python code, can I?
[15:50] <jimbaker> m01_, some work to go, but clamp is much more mature than what is documented in the book, especially around performance. at the very least, it's what will be supported in the future
[15:50] <jimbaker> m01_, right, it does expect you're specifying the java interfaces and/or class to be extended
[15:51] <jimbaker> agronholm, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLm3garVQFo
[15:51] <jimbaker> is the talk i gave yesterday
[15:51] <m01_> I see
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[16:11] <fwierzbicki> jimbaker: yeah I think the devguide is the better guide for now. Not sure about post git migration, I'll have to think about that. Probably it can be modified for git (though then it may not make as much sense to use cpython's dev guide as a base)
[16:12] <fwierzbicki> BTW the beginnings of a Jython3 is here: https://hg.python.org/sandbox/jython3
[16:12] <jimbaker> enebo, any thoughts on https://github.com/enebo/Purugin and porting that work to jython?
[16:12] <fwierzbicki> But it still has a lot of antlr work to go before it will be a useful starting point for others
[16:13] <jimbaker> eatkin, this is "Ruby Minecraft Plugin support on top of bukkit"
[16:15] <enebo> jimbaker: I still need to make it work again :)
[16:15] <enebo> jimbaker: but I see no reason why Jython could not do the same thing
[16:16] <enebo> jimbaker: There is a largely Bukkit-compatible replacement for Bukkit now (name escapes me — I can probably make it work again in a day or so)
[16:16] <jimbaker> enebo, eatkin mentioned something like minecraftforge
[16:17] <jimbaker> (we are in the pycon sprints this week)
[16:17] <enebo> jimbaker: I think the nice think about Purugin and same would be said of Jython-based one is heavily coercing the underlying API to map to our languages
[16:17] <enebo> oh yeah...fun
[16:17] <jimbaker> yeah, it's a bit much right now
[16:18] <enebo> yeah forge is fine but I found the API to be less than desirable
[16:18] <enebo> It is doubly cool since you can do client and server mods
[16:18] <enebo> but doing something as simple as sending a message to the player is two APIs and not what I expected like, player.send_message
[16:19] <enebo> but if you do want to use forge and want to try you can see a branch I have on Purugin which bootstraps JRuby with forge
[16:19] <enebo> It does not actually do anything other than load JRuby runtime but it is probably a useful start to bootstrap Jython
[16:19] <m01_> so I re-discovered the simple solution to my problem.. if I setup the JYTHONPATH to point to the directory with my python code, it works fine. Now I just need to figure out how to change the JYTHONPATH from within the Java code, without using a PythonInterpreter.. changing PySystemState's .path doesn't seem to be enough
[16:23] <enebo> jimbaker: ah yeah I think you can still use Spigot + CraftBukkit even with Minecraft 1.8. So I should probably work on this since then I will not have to rewrite very much in Purugin since it is like 90% craftbukkit and 10% internals of bukkit
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[16:37] <jimbaker> m01_, interesting issue
[16:39] <jimbaker> enebo, it would be fantastic if you could make this change, because we could purugin as a guide. especially for me, since i'm completely new to minecraft dev :)
[16:39] <enebo> jimbaker: yeah I have been so swamped with jruby 9k work I have not had the energy to do any night hacking
[16:49] <jimbaker> nathan_, http://bugs.jython.org/issue2250
[16:58] <jimbaker> enebo, i fully understand being swamped. i will add you to the email with josiah and eatkin, but just mostly for moral support/keep you in the loop
[17:01] <enebo> jimbaker: ok cool
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[22:13] <agronholm> jimbaker: I talked to stefan about httplib breaking, have you done something about it yet?
[22:14] <agronholm> I was wondering whether I should revert httplib and just apply the patch
[22:14] <agronholm> or figure out how to make it work with our ssl.py
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[22:36] <agronholm> jimbaker: I'm gonna just revert. slap me if you disapprove :)
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