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[17:38] <fwierzbicki> Hi Phillip, given Jennie's desire to err towards pessimism and the new ticket, coupled with some MARS tickets for adjustments that are coming up, should I move a couple tickets down sprint (probably the audit testing and the release ticket) hopefully to pull them back in at the end?j
[17:39] <fwierzbicki> Also should I be clearing MARS work on adjustments with somebody? I've just been doing a personal assessment of the priority with Steven, basically dropping all for P2's and squeezing in P3's where I can.
[17:40] <fwierzbicki> one of the P3s looks like it will be real work and not just a quick fix
[17:42] <fwierzbicki> BTW none of this is high priority, I hope you aren't getting annoying beeps every time I post here while you are marked as away. Just in case of that I'll stop now :)
[17:47] <fwierzbicki> damn I need to move the Phillip tab away from the #jython tab - sorry for the noise guys
[17:49] <fwierzbicki> While I'm here RC2 is released: http://fwierzbicki.blogspot.com/2015/04/jython-27-release-candidate-2-available.html
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[18:10] <jimbaker> agronholm, could you please update the title to "Try Jython 2.7rc2 at ..."
[18:10] <jimbaker> agronholm, stefan richthofer will also be sprinting on jython at the sprints
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[21:21] <peke> Have there been changes to how CLASSPATH is handled between rc1 and rc2? We seem to have problems with using Javadoc APIs when tools.jar is in CLASSPATH with the latter. Everything works fine with tools.jar in JYTHONPATH with both versions.
[21:22] <peke> We are still investigating this and will submit an issue if we are sure the problem really is in rc2.
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[21:55] <jimbaker> peke, so the only possible change is that the installer now installs jython.py by default if cpython 2.7 is available
[21:55] <jimbaker> as bin/jython
[21:55] <jimbaker> however, this is exactly the same version used to build jython.exe
[21:55] <jimbaker> i would suggest comparing the result of bin/jython --print --and-any-other-options-you-may-be-using
[21:56] <jimbaker> for rc1 and rc2
[21:56] <jimbaker> but in a nutshell - only the installer was changed
[21:56] <jimbaker> plus a bug in formatting time tuples that was breaking pip installs on japanese and maybe other locales
[21:57] <jimbaker> (breaking ensurepip, rather)
[22:00] <jimbaker> peke, i think i found the problem
[22:01] <jimbaker> looks like CLASSPATH environment variable is read by the bash version, then used by -classpath for the other jars jython requires
[22:01] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, looks like we will another release candidate
[22:02] <jimbaker> darn. i was hoping to see more testing of these scenarios before we made it a hard release. but it's ok
[22:03] <jimbaker> but on the bright side, jeff allen has been committing some bug fixes, so we will go those in as well
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[22:17] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, peke - maybe we should just stop doing the long soft release cycle? it might see more testing
[22:17] <jimbaker> 24 hours should suffice
[22:19] <jimbaker> anyway, please test away with JYTHONPATH, and hopefully we will have a fix for CLASSPATH/-classpath very soon. it is trivial, but we should have some testing on this. i checked test_bat_jy, but there's nothing there
[22:42] <peke> jimbaker: thanks for investigation! good to know why CLASSPATH didn't work. luckily it won't really be a problem for us, we can use JYTHONPATH until rc3. cc: zesus_
[22:42] <jimbaker> ok
[22:42] <jimbaker> peke, please test as much as possible! that will be really helpful
[22:42] <jimbaker> at least it's only in the launcher
[22:43] <jimbaker> and CLASSPATH vs JYTHONPATH is also confined as an env var
[22:45] <peke> jimbaker: fwierzbicki: personally i've always been somewhat confused with these soft releases. especially when there are many of them (like w/ b4), it gets hard to know what version is actually in use. a short soft release cycle to see that everything isn't broken could be useful, but 24h like suggested by jimbaker ought to be enough.
[22:46] <peke> it ought to be easy to just create new alpha/beta/rc if previous one is borken. that's the reason to have them before the final anyway.
[22:46] <jimbaker> peke, agreed. at least the number of problems is getting closer to zero, even though we are pushing in some additional bug fixes each time, so there's risk there
[22:47] <jimbaker> but since jeff allen has made some good fixes, with test coverage, we should be good there
[22:47] <jimbaker> it's really stuff like the installer and launcher that's been more problematic - not enough good testing
[22:47] <peke> jimbaker: sure. but then we can just wait a bit longer with the last rc before making it final.
[22:47] <jimbaker> that's automated
[22:48] <jimbaker> peke, exactly
[22:49] <peke> any idea when rc3 would be ready? i think we currently have b4 on our ci machines running robot framework tests. i definitely want to upgrade them, but would rather upgrade directly to rc3 if it is close.
[22:55] <peke> me -> bed. ttyl.
[23:23] <jimbaker> peke, ideally you would run rc2 in your ci
[23:23] <jimbaker> just so we have more info about what might be broken
[23:24] <jimbaker> basically i hope to see as much testing as possible of rc2 while we await rc3
[23:25] <jimbaker> but it will be soon. i have to focus on the conference itself. let's say sometime monday
[23:25] <jimbaker> so first day of sprints
[23:25] <jimbaker> for soft release. then tuesday for the hard rc3


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