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[2:54] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, sounds good re making a final rc2. i think we can look at this tomorrow
[2:55] <jimbaker> (now in montreal. stefan richthofer and i are sharing an airbnb apt near the convention center)
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[13:24] <grey_> Graphical install of rc2 on Win7-64 bit ok. Only noticed issue2276.
[13:30] <daixtr> what's the latest python version is suppored under jython?
[13:30] <daixtr> supported
[13:30] <grey_> oh cool, someone has written ready instructions for file type associations on Windows https://code.google.com/p/dkpro-tutorials/wiki/Jython_Installation#Adding_file_type_associations
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[13:30] <grey_> daixtr: Jython 2.7 supports (most) of Python 2.7
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[17:41] <jimbaker> grey_, thanks for the feedback. i hope we can support ctrl-Z *in addition to* ctrl-D on windows
[17:41] <jimbaker> but that will be in 2.7.1 at earliest
[17:49] <jimbaker> it's been great participating in the python language summit today
[17:50] <jimbaker> we have discussed issues relevant to jython, including memory model; atomic ops on core data structures; and full coroutine support in a future release of python 3
[17:57] <agronholm> the last one sounds yummy
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[18:29] <grey_> which Futures was the earlier discussion about?
[18:30] <grey_> I recall Guava having some decent Future implementations
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[20:21] <chelsBot> So I am working in a java framework but I want to develop a feature in python specifically because I want to use numpy library (and I have been itching to learn python anyhow). I want to know if this is going to make my life harder. In other words, what kind of drawbacks might I face in meshing different codes together.
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[20:35] <xemdetia> chelsBot, I think you might run into issues just based on http://jyni.org/. It looks like numpy uses some of the native CPython extensions which is awkward for Jython
[20:39] <chelsBot> ok. That is what people keep telling me. Perhaps I should stop trying to complicate my life. Thanks for the input! :)
[20:43] <xemdetia> no problem
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[22:02] <agronholm> how many others here besides jimbaker are at/going to pycon?
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[22:11] <mbooth> Hmm, the link in the subject does not work for me -- http://tinyurl.com/pxu4xjw gives a 404
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[22:47] <agronholm> it did when I put it there...
[22:47] <agronholm> but yeah it's giving 404 now
[22:49] * agronholm changes topic to 'Try Jython 2.7rc2 (soft launch) at http://tinyurl.com/nxdnt8e | This channel is logged: http://jython.extreme.st/irclogs/ | Please update the wiki: http://wiki.python.org/jython | Jython Book: http://jythonbook.com | Podcast: http://jython.org/jythonpodcast/'
[22:49] <agronholm> mbooth: that one points to maven. should work
[22:50] <mbooth> agronholm: Cool, thanks :-)
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