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[17:44] <bozojoe> noob alert. i'm trying to install jython 2.7 rc1 on windows 7 64 with java jdk/jre 1.8.0_40 and the installer never finishes but the console shows an error.
[17:45] <bozojoe> do i need to install as administrator?
[17:45] <bozojoe> or did i miss something in the requirement documentation?
[17:53] <agronholm> bozojoe: this is a known issue
[17:53] <agronholm> fixed in rc2
[17:53] <agronholm> it only happens on Windows
[17:55] <bozojoe> agronholm: cool. looks like it was just missing a .bat file being written to the jython directory, but i'll try to get rc2 and try again. thanks for the help.
[17:55] <agronholm> yeah there is no more jython.bat
[17:55] <agronholm> it's jython.exe now
[17:55] <agronholm> hence the problem
[17:56] <agronholm> rc2 has been tagged but for some reason not uploaded to maven
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[18:07] <bozojoe> agronholm: thanks. i looked at jython on bitbucket and don't have the stomach to try a build. i think maybe i'll just try to plod forward with the rc1 release and see if it works even though the installer didn't finish cleanly.
[18:07] <agronholm> it should work
[18:11] <bozojoe> agronholm: thanks. i finally looked at the bug report. i'm a reluctant windows user but perhaps it's time to help out on stuff like this, since i can at least build and test w/o using a VM. in another oss project i follow (inferno/limbo) they could use this kind of help too.
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