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[13:15] <jimbaker> agronholm, any news on NEWS? this is the last piece we need to do before fwierzbicki can put together the soft RC2
[13:15] <agronholm> jimbaker: ah, I'll get it done today
[13:15] <agronholm> right after the thing I'm doing now
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[13:16] <jimbaker> agronholm, sounds good! and thanks for doing this often thankless task (but clearly not thankless here!), it's very helpful
[13:17] <agronholm> I just hope I get it right :)
[13:17] <jimbaker> agronholm, don't worry, that's why we look at each others work
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[13:21] <jimbaker> i know from experience that the commit stream is always being watched, which is very good. in other words, we are reasonably agile
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[14:08] <sidrero> hello
[14:10] <gthank> Hi
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[14:30] <sidrero> hi gthank
[14:32] <sidrero> how is it going?
[14:44] <gthank> It's going alright
[14:44] <gthank> Just fell into a discussion about HTML emails with my company's designer
[14:44] <gthank> So, unexpected but interesting morning
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[14:46] <gthank> you?
[14:47] <sidrero> me all right, it´s afternoon here, and at home, we got the afternoon free
[14:48] <sidrero> do you get any holydays over there?
[14:56] <jimbaker> who is planning to be at pycon besides agronholm and myself?
[14:56] <jimbaker> we should organize a jython bof of course
[14:56] <gthank> no PyCon for me
[14:57] <gthank> :-(
[14:57] <sidrero> where is it this year?
[14:57] <gthank> Montreal
[14:57] <agronholm> same as last year
[14:58] <jimbaker> portland next year
[14:58] <jimbaker> i understand it will be in may next year - slow progression forward
[14:59] <jimbaker> so pycon 2006 was in dallas at the end of feb
[14:59] <sidrero> too far away for me, I was thinking on Europython, is there any jython there as well? I think I saw some jimbaker´s poster about clamp
[14:59] <jimbaker> sidrero, ahh, i was going to present a poster on clamp, but i screwed up
[14:59] <jimbaker> i arrived a day too late
[15:00] <sidrero> a pitty
[15:00] <sidrero> what about this year?
[15:01] <jimbaker> europython? i'm planning to take vacation in the pacific northwest that week
[15:02] <jimbaker> but 2016, yes, that sounds like a good plan
[15:02] <sidrero> any idea where is it going to be on 2016?
[15:03] <jimbaker> sidrero, i would expect bilbao again. ep in berlin for just one year was an anomaly, due to some conference organizational issues
[15:03] <sidrero> I see
[15:04] <sidrero> I have never been in Bilbao, would be nice to go there
[15:05] <jimbaker> i have yet to make it to spain, i would definitely go to EP this year were it not for this family vacation conflict. (but that's going to be awesome, so there's that. just can't do everything!)
[15:06] <sidrero> Pacific northwest? Alaska?
[15:06] <jimbaker> in the US, that means washington state, oregon, and british columbia
[15:07] <jimbaker> i suppose some might extend to alaska, but it doesn't really register in my conscious that way. alaskans may beg to differ of course!
[15:07] <sidrero> interesting, I have never been there either
[15:08] <agronholm> I hope they have better sprint food in montreal this year
[15:08] <agronholm> last year sucked
[15:08] <jimbaker> portland is an awesome place. i was there for oscon in july 2012, http://www.oscon.com/oscon2012/public/schedule/speaker/131829
[15:09] <agronholm> in santa clara the main conference food wasn't so good but the sprint catering was awesome
[15:09] <agronholm> in montreal, the main conference food was great
[15:09] <jimbaker> agronholm, conference food in the US is generally disappointing, so if it's at all palatable, we find it OK ;)
[15:11] <agronholm> jimbaker: last year we just got some crappy sandwiches and apples during the sprint
[15:11] <agronholm> compare that to the pizza, hamburgers and fried chicken in santa clara...
[15:11] <agronholm> and tacos :)
[15:12] <jimbaker> yes, i do remember the taco bar. not bad. anyway, we are in a good place for great sprint dinners
[15:12] <jimbaker> historically we have always gone to one with the cpython devs, so should be fun
[15:12] <sidrero> has anybody ever been at any scipy conference?
[15:14] <sidrero> agronholm: what is the main advantage of swingutils? (naive question, I am new at the topic swing in general)
[15:14] <agronholm> sidrero: it makes the creation of swing apps in jython a lot less painful
[15:15] <sidrero> what is the pain that it aleviates?
[15:15] <agronholm> several things
[15:15] <agronholm> one example: adding event listeners to components
[15:15] <sidrero> aha
[15:15] <agronholm> normally you'd have to subclass an event listener interface
[15:16] <sidrero> right
[15:16] <agronholm> override a method and write your handler code there
[15:16] <sidrero> yep
[15:16] <agronholm> and you have to override every single method in the interface or else it can blow up in your face
[15:16] <agronholm> this is true from 2.7b4 onwards
[15:16] <sidrero> ahhh that I didn't know
[15:16] <sidrero> oh, I am still using 2.5
[15:16] <agronholm> sidrero: it's that way in java
[15:17] <agronholm> from 2.7b4-> you get a NotImplementedError if java ever calls an unimplemented method
[15:17] <agronholm> previously they were no-ops
[15:17] <sidrero> I see
[15:17] <sidrero> brb
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[15:44] <jimbaker> agronholm, surely some metaprogramming can help here notimplemented methods
[15:44] <jimbaker> so you can get the same behavior as before?
[15:44] <agronholm> jimbaker: I've already changed swingutils to take this into account
[15:44] <agronholm> but I can't get the tests to pass
[15:45] <jimbaker> agronholm, any code/problems to illustrate?
[15:46] <agronholm> jimbaker: I was going to give you a simplified example -- I'm a tad busy now, I'll come up with something
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[15:47] <jimbaker> agronholm, no worries. i'm going to switch over to my other work as well
[15:47] <jimbaker> (just trying to wrap up this release i guess!)
[15:47] <agronholm> I'm still getting notimplementederrors, even when I fill out all of the interface methods with wrappers
[15:50] <jimbaker> ok, let's definitely review this problem. otherwise, i'm pretty confident we have wrapped up release candidate 2, except docs
[15:51] <agronholm> today is also the deadline for tax declarations
[15:51] <agronholm> so I have my hands full :)
[15:51] <jimbaker> agronholm, yes, you should do that first
[15:51] <jimbaker> jython can wait
[15:52] <jimbaker> alternatively i can take back the NEWS work
[15:52] <jimbaker> now that the installer is complete
[15:52] <agronholm> that would be appreciated
[15:52] <jimbaker> no problem!
[15:53] <jimbaker> agronholm, when do you arrive in montreal? i'm arriving tues night
[15:54] <agronholm> thursday night
[15:55] <jimbaker> agronholm, sounds good. see you then
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[17:54] <DanC_> I'm making good progress porting my WSGI app to .war with jython; next challenge: how to use code from pypi in a jython web app
[17:55] <DanC_> modjy.modjy_exceptions.NoCallable: Error loading jython callable 'handler': No module named paste
[17:55] <DanC_> is there a straightforward way to stick paste inside the .war file?
[17:56] <DanC_> does modjy look in WEB-INF/lib for python modules/packages? let's see...
[17:57] <DanC_> sys.path has '__classpath__', '__pyclasspath__/' . interesting.
[18:01] * DanC_ reads http://www.jython.org/jythonbook/en/1.0/ModulesPackages.html#module-search-path-and-loading ...
[18:05] <DanC_> I don't see any modjy config knobs for adding something to sys.path :-/
[18:06] <DanC_> what is __pyclasspath__? docs say "special markers that we will discuss later" but it's not mentioned again
[18:09] <DanC_> hmm... lib-python (cf http://bugs.jython.org/issue1222)
[18:12] <DanC_> aha! progress
[18:14] <DanC_> now... how to get pip to stick stuff in lib-python?
[18:15] <DanC_> circling back round to https://pypi.python.org/pypi/snakefight
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[19:55] <DanC_> Allocate exception for servlet modjy: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
[19:55] <DanC_> sigh.
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[20:34] <jimbaker> DanC_, pip will put stuff in site-packages
[20:34] <jimbaker> honestly i don't modjy well enough. i did write a different package to make war distribution simpler with setuptools. seems to work well: https://github.com/jythontools/fireside
[20:35] <jimbaker> i plan to spend more time on it once 2.7 is out
[20:35] <jimbaker> ... i don't know modjy...
[20:36] <jimbaker> in particular, fireside will be rewritten in java for maximum efficiency
[20:37] <jimbaker> agronholm, NEWS is updated. fwierzbicki will be putting an install together shortly. everyone here - please please try out the installer on any platform you have access to, in whatever variants
[20:37] <jimbaker> this would be super helpful so we can hopefully an rc3
[20:38] <jimbaker> wow, keep on forgetting to write words here... hopefully avoid a release candidate 3
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[20:47] * DanC_ returns from a meeting...
[20:50] <DanC_> jimbaker, so the fireside approach is to put the servlet's pythong dependencies under $JYTHON_HOME? I was hoping to largely avoid JYTHON_HOME. But maybe that's not worth the trouble.
[21:02] <DanC_> darn; pip install fireside blew up...
[21:03] <DanC_> AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'getsitepackages'
[21:06] <DanC_> jimbaker, have you built hellowsgi lately?
[21:06] <DanC_> $ jython --version
[21:06] <DanC_> Jython 2.7rc1
[21:08] <DanC_> using a virtualenv...
[21:08] <agronholm> jimbaker: gotcha
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[21:12] <DanC_> tried jythontools/pip abd15e14dd ... no joy
[21:13] <DanC_> dconnolly@bmidev2:~> /opt/jython/bin/jython -m ensurepip
[21:14] <DanC_> ^ punting on "everything in the .war file"
[21:14] <DanC_> OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/opt/jython/Lib/site-packages/setuptools'
[21:14] <DanC_> sudo make me a sandwich!
[21:14] <DanC_> dconnolly@bmidev2:~> sudo -u jenkins /opt/jython/bin/jython -m ensurepip
[21:15] <DanC_> dconnolly@bmidev2:~> /opt/jython/bin/pip install Paste
[21:18] <DanC_> dconnolly@bmidev2:~> sudo -u jenkins /opt/jython/bin/pip install Paste
[21:27] <jimbaker> DanC_, you can also try using a user site directory, that should work now to avoid all this sudo stuff
[21:27] <DanC_> eek! that sudo stuff wasn't supposed to go in this channel.
[21:30] <jimbaker> DanC_, last time i tried hellowsgi was in the middle of the rc1 dev cycle
[21:30] <DanC_> should I expect it to work in a virtualenv/
[21:30] <DanC_> ?
[21:30] <jimbaker> DanC_, i haven't tried. i have heard people can make it work, maybe with pyenv
[21:31] <jimbaker> but virtualenv itself seems to have some issues that need to be fixed in virtualenv for stock usage
[21:31] <DanC_> pyenv?
[21:31] <jimbaker> mostly simple stuff, but i don't have the bandwidth to look at
[21:32] <jimbaker> https://github.com/yyuu/pyenv
[21:32] <DanC_> I'm curious about what your main focus is, if you can say, jimbaker
[21:32] <jimbaker> i've been getting 2.7 out. i also work on big data stuff
[21:33] <jimbaker> also cloud with openstack
[21:33] <DanC_> I work on a clinical data repository. some folks call it big data, but it all fits on one server.
[21:33] <DanC_> ~1.5B facts in a star schema
[21:35] <DanC_> I've been using python to glue bits and bobs onto a java (jboss) app: i2b2
[21:35] <DanC_> now that having other i2b2 sites use this stuff is an increasing priority, I'm working on closer integration.
[21:35] <DanC_> also to simplify database access.
[21:36] <DanC_> zxJDBC.lookup(dataSourceName) # yum yum
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[21:52] <DanC_> looks like I wasn't actually stopping jboss when I thought I was.
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