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[3:45] <Hyena> Hey guys, is there a way in jython to determine if a function has been called in an if-else loop?
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[13:46] <jimbaker> re the question raised - either though AST analysis of the static code, or using the stacktrace dynamically. hard to see this being useful
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[14:08] <jimbaker> agronholm, question for you re http://bugs.jython.org/issue2283 - should python.home not set - or inferred - imply that the site module is not imported?
[14:09] <jimbaker> could print warning - "python.home is not set and root cannot be determined, cannot import site module", then fallback to whatever limited functionality is then available
[14:10] <jimbaker> could also add a new property, python.import.site, defaults to true, to control Options.importSite
[14:11] <jimbaker> or just not worry about #2283, and think about it for 2.7.1 - that also seems like a good choice
[14:31] <agronholm> jimbaker: I'm not convinced we should print a warning since there is no possible valid value for that in web start deployments
[14:31] <agronholm> but doesn't the same apply to Java EE installations as well?
[14:31] <agronholm> and web containers etc.
[14:31] <agronholm> where the standalone jar is normally used
[14:33] <agronholm> at the very least the crash when it's not set needs to be fixed for RC1
[14:53] <jimbaker> agronholm, it's in sysconfig. so we could fix that, but other subsequent imports will fail, at least with the small change i did
[14:53] <agronholm> even in the web start scenario?
[14:53] <jimbaker> agronholm, i don't know. i haven't tried web start
[14:53] <jimbaker> i'm relying on your insight there :)
[14:54] <jimbaker> so maybe try that change to sysconfig and see if it helps or not
[14:56] <agronholm> ideally we would give a clear error message when python.home is not set, and with web start we'd just ignore it
[14:57] <jimbaker> agronholm, also - will you be at pycon this year? i will be there from tues evening april 7 through the end of the sprints, thur apr 16
[14:57] <agronholm> yes I will
[14:57] <agronholm> I'll arrive on apr 9
[14:57] <agronholm> late in the evening
[14:57] <jimbaker> awesome, so definitely some good time to figure out 2.7.1
[14:57] <agronholm> will stay for a couple full sprint days
[14:57] <jimbaker> cool, i'm arriving early for the language summit to represent jython
[14:58] <jimbaker> stefan richthofer will also be there
[14:58] <jimbaker> for the entire duration
[14:58] <agronholm> who is that?
[14:58] <agronholm> I haven't heard that name before
[14:59] <jimbaker> stefan is a new committer from germany. he did the work on finalization support and gc observability
[14:59] <agronholm> ok
[14:59] <jimbaker> and works on the jyni project
[15:00] <jimbaker> i need to complete the work on getting jython a google summer of code project so we can sponsor him this summer on it
[15:00] <agronholm> I was wondering that if we made a special webstart build, would it be practical to somehow set python.home there automatically?
[15:00] <jimbaker> it's a very good question, and might be the best approach
[15:00] <jimbaker> biab - i need to take care of my car this morning
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