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[23:34] <chrisseaton> jimbaker: anyone working on Jython going to ECOOP this year? We're doing a Truffle workshop and I'm going to talk about what it takes to integrate Truffle into an existing language implementation - might be interesting for Jython
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[23:38] <jimbaker> chrisseaton, that does sounds quite interesting. do you expect the zippy team to be there?
[23:38] <jimbaker> i was planning on going to the jvm language summit fwiw, assuming it's still end of july
[23:39] <chrisseaton> not sure about zippy sorry
[23:39] <chrisseaton> Someone from JRuby+Truffle will be at the LS as well - not sure who yet (we're a team now!)
[23:41] <jimbaker> yep! so my hope is that your team can do as much as possible for all the other implementations out there as well, not jruby :)
[23:41] <jimbaker> or not just jruby
[23:41] <jimbaker> that would be cool leverage
[23:42] <chrisseaton> we've pushed a lot down into Truffle you could use verbatim - there is a highly optimised hidden-class object model there now for example
[23:42] <chrisseaton> but there is also a lot of experience we can pass on - how we'd do it if we were doing it from scratch
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