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[18:05] <agronholm> is it okay to update the jython homepage for 2.7b4?
[18:05] <agronholm> guess not...the link on frank's blog doesn't work
[18:06] <agronholm> fwierzbicki: ^
[18:08] * agronholm changes topic to 'Try Jython 2.7b4 at http://tinyurl.com/kzwesqc | This channel is logged: http://jython.extreme.st/irclogs/ | Please update the wiki: http://wiki.python.org/jython | Jython Book: http://jythonbook.com | Podcast: http://jython.org/jythonpodcast/'
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[20:32] <peke> agronholm: afaik final 2.7b4 isn't yet released. looking forward for it myself.
[21:32] <jimbaker> agronholm, peke - links should be corrected tonight for the final
[21:34] <jimbaker> so i can readily build a jython.exe with pyinstaller (seems like the best choice), but still have to figure out why the pip.exe from ensurepip wants to use env. something is mixed up if i have a pip.exe doing that!
[21:34] <jimbaker> half windows, half unix
[22:17] <peke> jimbaker: great to hear both about b4 and jython.exe!
[22:33] <jimbaker> peke, except for a couple of tests that may be because of an expectation of jython.bat, everything is passing with jython.exe. so just need to get the stub file working now
[22:36] <agronholm> peke: not yet released? but it was announced on the dev mailing list
[22:37] <agronholm> yesterday morning
[22:38] <jimbaker> agronholm, we are just discussing that the links are not valid
[22:38] <agronholm> right
[22:38] <agronholm> I made a tinyurl for the maven hosted copy of the installer
[22:38] <agronholm> and put it in the topic
[22:54] <peke> agronholm: i had missed the announcement on jython-dev and only seen earlier soft release announcement here. anyway, great that b4 is out!
[22:55] <peke> jimbaker: is the plan still to have jython shell script outside windows?
[22:56] <jimbaker> peke, yes, although one could use pyinstaller to separately build
[22:56] <jimbaker> sorry, i guess you're referring to the bash script
[22:57] <jimbaker> for now, we will keep that because we cannot assume everyone on unix has cpython 2.7
[22:57] <jimbaker> basically old unixes, or sort-of-unix-like systems
[22:58] <jimbaker> but what we can do in the installer is test for cpython 2.7, and if present, copy bin/jython.py to bin/jython
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[22:59] <peke> would it be ok to assume cpython 2.6 or newer? are there any systems with older python where someone would be interested to use jython 2.7? it requires fairly new java anyway.
[23:00] <jimbaker> well, i think it's easier to assume cpython 2.7. for one thing, i use argparse, and that's only in 2.7 without a separate install
[23:01] <jimbaker> there's always the jython bash script for people without up-to-date systems :)
[23:02] <peke> I noticed jython.py uses argparse and also OrderedDict that's missing from 2.6, but both of them are easy to vendor.
[23:03] <jimbaker> maybe in 2.7.1
[23:04] <peke> I don't feel too strongly about this, but having same launcher code everywhere would have several benefits. Bugs would be ironed out sooner, consistency, and less to maintain.
[23:04] <peke> RC phase would also be good time to test it. If there are complaints, it's still easy to revert.
[23:07] <peke> Anyway, I'm super happy if I don't need to look at jython.bat anymore. I've had enough problems with it earlier.
[23:10] <jimbaker> yeah, it's basically not fixable. i'm just glad jython.exe worked as well it does
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