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[13:02] <peke> It seems Jython is creating a lot of jffi*.tmp and jansi-*.dll files on Windows. Noticed this when I started to investigate why disk space on my Windows 7 virtual machine was running low.
[13:05] <peke> It turned out I have 1202 jffi*.tmp files in %TMP%. One file is only ~140kB, but altogether that's already ~160MB.
[13:05] <peke> It seems to be caused by this problem:
[13:06] <peke> https://github.com/jruby/jruby/issues/1237
[13:08] <peke> jansi-*.dll files are apparently generated by jline. They are smaller (~20kB) and I "only" have 149 copies so that's a bit below 3MB. Annoying anyway.
[13:16] <peke> jimbaker: fwierzbicki: others: I'll submit issues about these temp files.
[13:16] <peke> This is about jffi*.tmp:
[13:16] <peke> http://bugs.jython.org/issue2269
[13:30] <peke> And here's an issue about jansi*.dll:
[13:30] <peke> http://bugs.jython.org/issue2270
[13:31] <peke> On Windows with the latest 2.7b4 release I get new jffi* and jansi* file to %TMP% every time I run Jython.
[13:31] <peke> I don't see such files added to /tmp on Linux, though.
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[15:54] <jimbaker> peke, ok, looks like jffi now does an immediate delete after load, so we can look into applying that update
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