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[9:58] <peke> jimbaker: with robot framework we've had no problems with python start-up scripts without exte with `#!/usr/bin/env python`
[9:59] <peke> ooops, was reformatting that sentence... i assume you got the idea...
[10:00] <peke> our start-up scripts used to be shell scripts outside windows, but changed them to python several years ago. no problems whatsover.
[10:03] <peke> i would say installer probing for cpython 2.7 is yagni. especially if python based scripts are there in rc1, we ought to hear if they cause problems before the final release.
[10:04] <peke> and even after 2.7.0 it's possible to fix/workaround possible problems in 2.7.1.
[10:06] <peke> is the planned dependency to cpython 2.7 due to argparse? if yes, i'd reconsider bundling https://pypi.python.org/pypi/argparse to get cpython 2.6 support.
[10:18] <peke> the main reason to support cpython 2.6 would be supporting rhel6 where it is the default version. rhel7 was releasd last year, so rhel6 is still in very active use.
[10:19] <peke> i wouldn't spend too much time with cpython 2.6 support, but if it only requires vendoring argparse, that shouldn't be too big a task.
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[10:21] <peke> another thing to consider is cpython 3 compatibility. on arc linux `python` (and thus also `/usr/bin/env python`) refer to python 3.
[10:23] <peke> users may have obviously configured other os:es to work same way.
[10:24] <peke> it shouldn't be too hard to write python code that is compatible with 2.6 and newer (3.0 and 3.1 can be safely ignored) even without six.
[10:25] <peke> jimbaker: have you already started to develop the new start-up script? if yes, is the code on github?
[12:07] <peke> jimbaker: just tested that `jython -m pip install robotframework` works! awesome!!
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[12:08] <peke> a little annoying that `jython -m ensurepip` is required first. would it be a big task to change installer to run it automatically (perhaps with a checkbox to enable or disable it)?
[12:09] <peke> cpython installers do that on windows. don't remember is it opt-in or opt-out, but jython probably should use same default.
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[20:34] <peke> jimbaker: i ran robot framework's acceptance tests with the latest beta4 version without any problems both on linux and on windows.
[20:34] <peke> ship it!
[20:35] <peke> i think i added some workarounds to the code when i tested with the earlier version. i'll go through all our jython related workarounds once final beta4 is out.
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