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[5:49] <jimbaker> paolo, any chance you can update the test in your branch for compileall? i would like to get this merged in (http://bugs.jython.org/issue1672)
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[12:59] <sidrero> hi
[12:59] <sidrero> I have jython embedded in a bigger java application
[12:59] <sidrero> as a plugin, everytime the users triggers the plugin, I initalize a new interpreter, when done get rid of it
[13:00] <sidrero> so in theory everytime is new
[13:00] <sidrero> but the first time the plugin is triggered it takes quite some time to run
[13:00] <sidrero> while the next times is very fast
[13:00] <sidrero> why is that behavior?
[13:01] <sidrero> does that have anything to do with caching?
[13:02] <sidrero> when will jython run faster, with caching or no caching?
[14:37] <jimbaker> sidrero, startup performance is currently not great as you have noticed. it can be improved, but our focus has been on compatibility, and keeping steadystate performance roughly the same or better.
[14:39] <jimbaker> maybe something that can be looked at for 2.7.1?
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[15:36] <sidrero> I see, no I think startup time is decent at the moment
[15:36] <sidrero> I could formulate the question the other way around
[15:36] <sidrero> the first time I run jython it is decent
[15:36] <sidrero> initialization of the interpreter, plus importing sys and os, and printing two lines around 4 seconds
[15:37] <sidrero> but the second time is 0.4 seconds
[15:37] <sidrero> what is the magic behind the second time improvement?
[15:37] <sidrero> if I am always running exactly the same code?
[15:37] <sidrero> I am just curious
[15:38] <sidrero> oh sorry it is actually 4 seconds vs 0.04 seconds, 100 times better!
[15:38] <sidrero> I am intrigued
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