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[19:01] <jimbaker> peke, i should have known there would be unknown unknowns ;) with respect to reworking os.stat, specifically around how to treat such things as following links in lstat with a trailing slash (yes, this is done)
[19:03] <jimbaker> anyway, it looks like i found all of these (with respect to the unit tests, i can only deal with these known knowns), and should have a commit pushed later today
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[20:07] <peke> jimbaker: unknown unknowns are the best kind of unknowns =)
[20:08] <peke> great to hear you have proceeded with stat. what kind of test suite cpython has around it?
[20:12] <agronholm> did something happen wrt b4 during the weekend?
[20:17] <peke> agronholm: apparently there have been more work with issues considered blockers for b4. like stat problems on windows now fixed by jimbaker.
[20:18] <agronholm> ok but no more releases?
[20:42] <jimbaker> agronholm, peke - correct in both cases. we are not going to do another release when we have a blocking bug
[20:43] <jimbaker> looks like the stat stuff basically is fixed, although there's some failing test in test_glob that's sort of related
[20:43] <jimbaker> with respect to trailing slashes
[20:44] <jimbaker> peke, please take a look. other than the socket noisy logging issue, i think we have fixed all of your bugs. i will fix that plus another logging issue, tbd today, plus a couple of small other fixes for ipython support
[20:44] <jimbaker> then we should be good to go
[20:45] <jimbaker> peke, "please take a look" = "run your tests again for robotframework" :)
[20:49] <peke> jimbaker: Would it be fine if I wait for b4 to be out? Possible problems can then be fixed for rc1.
[20:50] <jimbaker> peke, fair enough
[20:50] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki, looks like we are almost ready for another try at beta 4
[20:50] <peke> jimbaker: Btw, did you go through PRs on GitHub? I looked at them briefly at some point and most of them looked both good and simple.
[20:51] <peke> Not saying they should be investigated in detail for b4, but going them through before rc1 would probably be a good idea.
[20:51] <jimbaker> peke, we need to go through them. i haven't had mental bandwidth
[20:51] <jimbaker> so agreed, let's do so before rc1. ideally with more eyes than mine :)
[20:52] <peke> Sure, I'm interested to help at least with %f issues with (date)time
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[20:53] <peke> But that's definitely not urgent. We have pretty good workaround for it in place because it isn't supported in Python/Jython 2.5 anyway.
[20:53] <jimbaker> one process that worked well when i was on ubuntu server - we had a patch day where we assigned someone the job of making sure that we could go through such issues
[20:54] <jimbaker> if i were on a regular working schedule, this would be straightforward. but right now, i'm slammed
[20:55] <jimbaker> biab, i have to pick up my dog
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