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[13:18] <peke> jimbaker: fwierzbicki: What's the latest guesstimate for real 2.7b4? I'd like to switch our test to run on 2.7 instead of 2.5 on CI, and would prefer final b4 over b3 or earlier b4 soft releases.
[13:22] <jimbaker> peke, i'm hoping for this friday
[13:23] <jimbaker> peke, here's an interesting detail in posixmodule.c, and answers why we have incorrect times on windows right now - "The CRT of Windows has a number of flaws wrt. its stat() implementation: ... file modification times suffer from forth-and-back conversions between UTC and local time"
[13:24] <jimbaker> so jnr posix simply links against the windows CRT, returning whatever it returns, whereas cpython uses win32 api
[13:27] <jimbaker> "use the source, luke"
[13:31] <jimbaker> also other tidbits such as using the file extension of bat, cmd, exe, and the one i would have completely forgotten, com, to or in 0b111
[13:33] <peke> jimbaker: this friday == tomorrow?
[13:33] <jimbaker> peke, yes
[13:34] <jimbaker> these are the bugs i marked urgent
[13:34] <jimbaker> which just means block the next release
[13:34] <peke> tomorrow would be great! having those urgent bugs fixed would be even better.
[13:36] <peke> although b4 is has been in the making so long that leaving anything less urgent to rc1 might be a good idea. or having b5 if needed.
[13:37] <peke> jimbaker: what does 2.5 use to get times on windows? it didn't have this weird bug.
[13:38] <jimbaker> peke, it's possible that jnr posix 2 applied a workaround. jnr posix 3 seems to be more, pass it through and fix it in java
[13:39] <jimbaker> i will have to ask enebo for his insight when he is on
[13:40] <peke> times were got using jnr posix also in 2.5, but then there was v2 and now v3?
[13:41] <jimbaker> fwierzbicki and i discussed this with respect to rc1 - yes, we have kept putting more stuff in the beta, slipping it. but at this point i hope we can have less stuff in the rc1. the one thing that's possible for us to add vs bug fixes is the gc work by stefan richthofer
[13:41] <jimbaker> peke, i'm referring to the supporting library we use - java native runtime posix
[13:42] <jimbaker> 2.5 and earlier betas of 2.7 used jnr posix 2.x, but we are now on 3.0.9 - same as the latest jruby fwiw
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[13:46] <peke> ok. seems like a bug in 3.x series then. do you know could this be tested somehow with jnr-posix 2.x and 3.x versions directly?
[13:53] <jimbaker> i'm not terribly interested in doing that analysis. the correct solution is to use DosFileAttributes. then we can make it conform to cpython
[13:53] <jimbaker> the lack of wide character support is the other issue we see in jnr posix for windows
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[14:34] <jimbaker> ok, that worked for those two stat bugs for windows. it's just a matter of knowing what exactly to do (thanks posixmodule.c, then translating to nio2), vs guessing
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