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IRC Log for 2015-01-17

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[5:18] <mindcat> I wish there(here?) has some people, then answer my question faster :S I want install something packages, but I have to using standalone jar. it is anyway could be(?) install package in?
[5:21] <mindcat> I am writing Minecraft server plugin, Bukkit plugin, and I want use Python language to writing this plugin. so I see a plugin called "PPLoader" could be load Python plugin. Question is, it seem only support the standalone jar :S
[5:23] <mindcat> and I don't like Java, because I think writing Java is annoying :S
[5:48] <mindcat> it looks will not be answer for this moment :S
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[11:00] <mindcat_> hello world!
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[14:19] <mindcat_> hello world!
[14:19] <mindcat_> Hello?
[14:20] <mindcat_> this is my email: rnindcat gmail.
[14:20] <mindcat_> :S
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