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[5:17] <Guest98926> what???s the latest verson of python jython supports?
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[18:26] <jimbaker> Guest42682, we are working on jython 2.7.0, which means python 2.7. i was just in fact testing an upgrade to the 2.7.9 version of the standard library, although that will not take place until 2.7.1
[18:27] <jimbaker> but we may have select support from 2.7.9, namely ensurepip. evaluating that next
[18:27] <jimbaker> the other big is thing is validating of SSL certs by default, but we already do that in jython
[18:27] <jimbaker> there are some minor api changes that we do not yet support to allow for more explicit support of this. maybe in 2.7.0, otherwise 2.7.1
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[21:42] <jimbaker> unfortunately someone reinvented the wheel for creating shebangs in wheel. (could not resist). breaks jython because we use a startup script, vs an executable
[21:43] <jimbaker> instead of using setuptools support. anyway, close to getting ensurepip working for non-windows system, using our patched pip
[21:43] <jimbaker> pjenvey, you might find that interesting given your previous work on this subject
[21:44] <pjenvey> aw
[21:46] <Arfrever> Scripts in shebangs should work with Linux...
[21:47] <jimbaker> Arfrever, interesting data point. on os x, i found imagemagick trying to execute my python script, instead of jython. not so useful :)
[21:47] <jimbaker> it was completely confused, stating this is not a TIFF formatted file!
[21:48] <Arfrever> jimbaker: http://www.in-ulm.de/~mascheck/various/shebang/#interpreter-script
[21:49] <jimbaker> pjenvey referenced this in his email back in 2008 on the distutils list, https://mail.python.org/pipermail/distutils-sig/2008-April/009362.html
[21:49] <jimbaker> but i do wonder... if we can now assume some of this ensurepip infrastructure, can we use setuptools support for building .exe stubs? that would be nice
[21:51] <Arfrever> Linux was released on 2008-12-14, i.e. about 8 months after pjenvey's e-mail.
[21:51] <jimbaker> we should be able to hack it in the installer jar so it does the ensurepip step, then build the necessary stub for windows, then resolve this long standing bug http://bugs.jython.org/issue1491
[21:52] <jimbaker> Arfrever, right, that certainly simplifies support on that target
[21:56] <Arfrever> Over 2 years ago in Setuptools (then Distribute) I dropped support for Linux < + Jython :) .
[21:56] <Arfrever> https://bitbucket.org/pypa/setuptools/commits/d53c9d4a7a24
[21:58] <jimbaker> Arfrever, oh, thanks - that looks like the entry point i need to put this together. if wheel can rely on this, we are probably good
[21:59] <jimbaker> i'm going to patch https://github.com/jythontools/pip first, we can revisit later the specific wheel vendor package
[22:56] <peke> jimbaker: native launcher on windows would be awesome!
[22:57] <peke> btw, what's the problem to include 2.7.9 stdlib in jython 2.7.0?
[22:57] <jimbaker> peke, well it's basically another beta round of work
[22:58] <jimbaker> so that's a no go i believe
[22:58] <jimbaker> we will triage by deferring to 2.7.1
[22:58] <jimbaker> not a big beta, but still a beta's worth
[22:59] <peke> do you see something that risky that it couldn't make it to rc1?
[23:00] <peke> such a big change wouldn't be a good idea in possible later rc, but unless there's something that's definitely going to break rc1 ought to be fine.
[23:02] <peke> also, is final b4 already out? if not, could this get in too?
[23:02] <jimbaker> peke, i was simply conducting an experiment, given the recent 2.7.9 release. it showed that 1) there are a lot of failures, see http://bugs.jython.org/issue2250; and 2) we can probably support ensurepip with a minimal amount of work
[23:03] <jimbaker> nothing major, but nothing that can be done in just a day or so either
[23:04] <jimbaker> to address these failures. hence the triage
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