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[15:51] <jimbaker> offbyone, i will take a look. it does makes sense
[15:51] <jimbaker> if we don't have an existing test case for this scenario, i will add one
[16:17] <offbyone> I'd like to know *how* to do it :)
[16:17] <offbyone> I'm open to suggestions.
[16:33] <jimbaker> offbyone, i believe this is the way to do it, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/253171/jython-and-java-nested-class
[16:35] <offbyone> That will instantiate them
[16:35] <offbyone> but not subclass.
[16:39] <jimbaker> right. although i only glanced at test_java_subclasses, i didn't see anything testing this specific case. maybe you can take a look and give us feedback on what it should be?
[16:40] <jimbaker> a detailed test case is worth a lot!
[16:42] <jimbaker> to be honest, i usually would prefer a test patch in a bug report than a bug fix patch. both would be best of course
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[17:03] <offbyone> Duly noted.
[17:03] <offbyone> I'll see what I can do
[17:03] <offbyone> The thing is, I'm not sure what the code is even supposed to look like
[17:03] <offbyone> Scoping is weird here.
[17:03] <offbyone> There's no class-instance-block-level place to put the code.
[17:06] <offbyone> so creating a subclass basically has to happen in ... where? __init__? __new__? arbitrary method?
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[18:24] <jimbaker> offbyone, yeah, i understand. remember, you reminded me of this java subtlety when we discussed this yesterday. i'm pretty sure i can figure out what it looks like however
[18:24] <offbyone> yep :)
[18:24] <offbyone> It's definitely a weird case, and I'm currently having a small war of words with the team that forced me to consider it :)
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[18:57] <jimbaker> offbyone, currently i'm trying to fix some subtle race conditions in our socket testing code. i believe it's a matter of socket reuse connect new client sockets to old server sockets in TIME_WAIT, but there are similar issues in ephemeral sockets coming up and appearing available before they really are
[18:58] <offbyone> No worries; this is not a high priority. Thanks for the eyes anyway
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