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[14:38] <edlinde> how does one call Jython code from Python?
[14:38] <edlinde> are there examples
[14:41] <agronholm> edlinde: I'm confused
[14:41] <agronholm> Jython is not a language
[14:42] <edlinde> ah ok
[14:42] <edlinde> I was asked this question by someone I am helping :)
[14:42] <edlinde> I never used Jython to be honest
[14:43] <edlinde> so is it just a Python interface to call Java code?
[14:43] <agronholm> no, you'd use py4j for that
[14:43] <edlinde> so whats Jython best used for?
[14:43] <agronholm> jython is just another implementation of the python language, on top of the java virtual machine
[14:43] <edlinde> so its almost like another language?
[14:44] <agronholm> no, it's an IMPLEMENTATION of the Python language
[14:44] <agronholm> the syntax is the same
[14:44] <agronholm> and the libraries almost the same
[14:44] <agronholm> you want to use jython when your environment already uses java
[14:44] <edlinde> yeah but how does one SHARE datastructures between Jython and Python?
[14:44] <agronholm> I'm confused
[14:45] <agronholm> would you really run Jython and CPython side by side? for what reason?
[14:45] <edlinde> where did you get CPython from?
[14:45] <agronholm> what implementation are you running then?
[14:45] <agronholm> IronPython? PyPy?
[14:46] <agronholm> CPython is the official implementation
[14:46] <agronholm> available from python.org
[14:46] <agronholm> they don't call it cpython there
[14:47] <edlinde> ah ok
[14:47] <agronholm> but that's what it's commonly called within the community
[14:47] <edlinde> then yeah cpython
[14:47] <agronholm> ok so do you have a really good reason for running two implementations of python concurrently?
[14:48] <edlinde> Yep to use two well known 3rd party tools written in Jython and CPython
[14:48] <edlinde> and we need to use both
[14:48] <agronholm> you can't say "written in jython" because jython is not a language
[14:48] <agronholm> jython can run the vast majority of python code
[14:49] <agronholm> only if you need C extensions, will Jython no longer be appropriate
[14:49] <edlinde> ok
[14:49] <agronholm> may I ask what the tool "written in Jython" is?
[14:53] <agronholm> there was this one test automation tool that I recall
[14:53] <agronholm> now what was its name...
[15:19] <agronholm> edlinde: did this answer your questions?
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[15:44] <ohumbel> agronholm: maybe you meant the grinder (http://grinder.sourceforge.net/)
[15:44] <agronholm> no
[15:44] <agronholm> it was something that involved computer vision
[15:44] <agronholm> for UI testing
[15:45] <ohumbel> hm.. cannot recall
[15:46] <agronholm> Sikuli
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[18:45] <jimbaker> agronholm, Paladiamors (if you're reading the log) - socket bug fixed in trunk
[18:45] <jimbaker> thanks for reporting this
[18:45] <agronholm> ok
[18:47] <jimbaker> two more bugs, and we are ready for beta - http://bugs.jython.org/issue2239 and http://bugs.jython.org/issue2241
[18:47] <jimbaker> hopefully the last beta!
[18:48] <jimbaker> i will still try to get as much done, especially some of the PRs that have been proposed before then
[18:50] <agronholm> good work so far
[18:51] <jimbaker> agronholm, i really want to get this out ;)
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