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[13:05] <mcepl> can anybody reproduce https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1158890, please? Does jython works with plain OpenJDK?
[13:12] <agronholm> mcepl: that import is only done when using the development jar of jython
[13:13] <agronholm> so it's not about the JDK variant
[13:18] <mcepl> I don't understand ... why should development jar be broken on OpenJDK (BTW, that's what's packaged for Fedora 21)
[13:19] <agronholm> mcepl: why are you using the development jar in the first place?
[13:19] <agronholm> are you a jython committer?
[13:19] <mcepl> I told you ... yum install jython on Fedora 21
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[13:19] <agronholm> what is the size of the jython jar it installs?
[13:20] <mcepl> is there non-development jar of jython 2.7.0?
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[13:20] <agronholm> we're offering that on the downloads page
[13:20] <agronholm> (from maven)
[13:20] <mcepl> 5.4MB
[13:21] <mcepl> or in other words (we certainly builld from sources) ... how NOT to build development jar?
[13:21] <agronholm> ant jar-complete gives you the proper jar
[13:21] <agronholm> the proper jar is 26 MB in size
[13:28] <mcepl> agronholm: can I quote you on that bug?
[13:29] <agronholm> the thing is, it IS possible to separate the necessary classes from the main jar
[13:29] <agronholm> I don't know if Fedora have tried to do that
[13:36] <mcepl> does this tell you anything http://paste.fedoraproject.org/146476/41467614/ ?
[13:36] <mcepl> agronholm: ^^^^
[13:37] <agronholm> what does rpm -ql do?
[13:37] <agronholm> does it list the packaged rpm contents?
[13:37] <mcepl> yes
[13:37] <mcepl> also http://paste.fedoraproject.org/146479/67622314/ (that's requirements of the package)
[13:37] <agronholm> I wonder why they have all these .class, .pyc and .pyo files
[13:38] <mcepl> What would you have?
[13:38] <agronholm> only the .py files should be packaged
[13:38] <agronholm> .pyc and .pyo are completely useless
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[13:38] <agronholm> the .class files are JRE variant dependent
[13:39] <mcepl> we don't care ... we know which java will be sued
[13:39] <agronholm> we, as in who?
[13:39] <mcepl> Fedora packagers
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[13:40] <agronholm> ok so nobody will ever use, say, the IBM JRE for running jython?
[13:40] <mcepl> well, "we" ... *I* am not a packager
[13:40] <mcepl> if he does, it is his fault ;)
[13:40] <agronholm> eh
[13:40] <xemdetia> don't hurt me like that :(
[13:40] <mcepl> no, I don't think it is supported
[13:41] <agronholm> anyways, what's in the jar then?
[13:41] <mcepl> remember, Fedora is about the open source. I don't think we carry (and care) about IBM JAva
[13:41] <mcepl> (RHEL does, but that's another song)
[13:41] <agronholm> is the missing class in the jar?
[13:41] <agronholm> org.python.icu.text.StringPrep that is
[13:43] <mcepl> http://paste.fedoraproject.org/146481/14676568/
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[13:43] <agronholm> so it's not
[13:43] <mcepl> I don't think so
[13:44] <agronholm> so it seems the packagers left out some classes
[13:45] <mcepl> if I have this building script http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/cgit/jython.git/tree/jython.spec (search for %build to get the building stage), what's missing?
[13:45] <agronholm> it calls ant developer-build
[13:46] <agronholm> while it should at the very least call ant jar instead
[13:46] <agronholm> mcepl: are you affiliated with the fedora project?
[13:47] <mcepl> well, I work for Red Hat, but on jython. That I would like just to use.
[13:47] <mcepl> *but NOT on jython
[13:47] <agronholm> on jython, but NOT on jython?
[13:47] <mcepl> I work for Red Hat, but NOT on jython
[13:48] <mcepl> (actually I am QA)
[13:48] <mcepl> (I thought asterisk univesally means a replacement on IRC)
[13:48] <agronholm> it was unclear which sentence the correction was meant for
[13:49] <mcepl> anyway, next time proper RE ... point taken ;)
[13:50] <agronholm> RE?
[13:50] <xemdetia> regex
[13:51] <mcepl> ant -Djython.dev.jar=jython.jar -Dhas.repositories.connection=false jar javadoc
[13:51] <mcepl> is better?
[13:52] <agronholm> try it
[13:52] <agronholm> if it produces a jar that has all the same classes as in the official jar, it's fine
[13:52] <mcepl> just going to ;)
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[14:04] <mcepl> agronholm: jar is http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/tmp/jython.jar
[14:05] <agronholm> so does it contain that class?
[14:05] <mcepl> but it seems to be even worse than the Fedora original one.
[14:05] <mcepl> http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/tmp/jars-diff.txt
[14:06] <agronholm> what the heck DOES it contain then?
[14:06] <agronholm> hm
[14:07] <agronholm> try building the jar on your own, with "ant jar"
[14:07] <agronholm> iirc that should contain all the necessary classes, but without the dependencies
[14:08] <mcepl> it doesn't ... OK, so it is too much time
[14:08] <mcepl> giving up
[14:09] <agronholm> ant jar-complete then
[14:09] <agronholm> at the very least you can extract the classes from there
[14:10] <mcepl> http://paste.fedoraproject.org/146491/41467820/
[14:13] <agronholm> http://paste.fedoraproject.org/146495/41467839/
[14:14] <agronholm> do you have extlibs/jarjar-1.4.jar ?
[14:14] <mcepl> http://ur1.ca/imhus
[14:14] <mcepl> brb
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[20:49] <jimbaker> mcepl, i added the usage of icu4j to jython. so this looks like a standard classpath issue (if using jython-dev.jar) or not being packaged into the jar via jarjar-links (when doing a full build)
[20:51] <jimbaker> you can see what the classpath the jython startup script (just a standard bash script that wraps the jython jar) will set; do bin/jython --print
[20:51] <jimbaker> that might make it more clear what's happening
[20:52] <jimbaker> re jdk - i think that's irrelevant. i run on both oracle's and openjdk, and whatever apple packages
[20:52] <jimbaker> there might be some differences with a given jvm. but this will be in corner cases around subprocess support
[20:52] <jimbaker> or signals
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[21:03] <jimbaker> anyway, hope this helps! i will be traveling to paris tomorrow for the openstack summit (due to my work on running keystone on jython), so this may reduce connectivity
[21:03] <jimbaker> or increase it, depending on whether anyone else here will be in paris next week :)
[21:04] <yecril71pl> Why does open('/dev/null', 'wb') throw IOError on Ubuntu?
[21:04] <yecril71pl> It does not in CPython
[21:08] <mcepl> jimbaker: thank you
[21:11] <jimbaker> yecril71pl, i just tried it. and it throws no error. and writes nothing out :)
[21:12] <jimbaker> i'm running ubuntu 14.10, but i doubt that would make a difference
[21:13] <mcepl> jimbaker: is there some documentation for the settings of ant? I mean what does actually ant -Djython.dev.jar=jython.jar -Dhas.repositories.connection=false developer-build javadoc mean?
[21:13] <mcepl> is there -Djython.jar=jython.jar ?
[21:15] <yecril71pl> I am on Ubuntu 14.04
[21:20] <agronholm> yecril71pl: which version of jython is that?
[21:21] <yecril71pl> Jython 2.7b2 (default:a5bc0032cf79+, Apr 22 2014, 21:20:17)
[21:21] <yecril71pl> [OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (Oracle Corporation)] on java1.7.0_65
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[21:23] <mcepl> jimbaker: and even though I have extlibs/[jarjar]jarjar.jar extlibs/[jarjar]jarjar-util.jar I end up with http://ur1.ca/imwlg
[21:24] <yecril71pl> opening /dev/null gives me IOError: Wrong argument
[21:25] <yecril71pl> opening /dev/stdout gives me IOError: Wrong offset
[21:25] <agronholm> yecril71pl: have you tried with the latest beta?
[21:25] <agronholm> nvm, I get the same
[21:26] <yecril71pl> Bug?
[21:26] <agronholm> funny thing, it can be opened for reading but not for writing
[21:27] <agronholm> yecril71pl: does this work with plain java?
[21:27] <yecril71pl> What do you mean by plain java?
[21:28] <agronholm> if you compile a java program that opens /dev/null for writing, does that work?
[21:33] <jimbaker> mcepl, i actually wouldn't know re what that would mean. that's certainly substantially more complicated than anything i would do (or have done)
[21:33] <jimbaker> the only thing i ever set is the ANT_OPTS env variable, namely to a generous amount of memory
[21:34] <jimbaker> makes the build run faster :)
[21:35] <yecril71pl> agronholm: I tried { new FileOutputStream ("/dev/null") .close(); } and it worked.
[21:36] <agronholm> yep
[21:36] <yecril71pl> Bug?
[21:36] <agronholm> looks like -- need to look at what jython does internally when a file is opened
[21:36] <agronholm> jimbaker: thoughts?
[21:36] <yecril71pl> Should I report it?
[21:36] <agronholm> that would be good
[21:38] <yecril71pl> Seems like Issue1944
[21:39] <jimbaker> ahhh, it's a locale issue
[21:39] <jimbaker> in reading http://bugs.jython.org/issue1944
[21:41] <agronholm> what could possibly cause this?
[21:41] <jimbaker> naturally it's one of those. of course i wouldn't see it given that i run in the US
[21:41] <jimbaker> agronholm, it's rather baffling - /dev/null of all files doesn't seem locale dependent :)
[21:44] <xemdetia> wow that's bizarre
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[21:57] <agronholm> why can't I find open() in __builtin__.java?
[21:57] <agronholm> oh, it's in _io.java?
[22:00] <jimbaker> agronholm, open is set in in __builtin__, https://github.com/jythontools/jython/blob/master/src/org/python/core/__builtin__.java#L348
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