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[20:05] <magyar> hi, I'm a n00b and need help with parsing this information >> https://bpaste.net/show/45a43985b91f
[20:05] <magyar> thanks
[20:09] <agronholm> magyar: not sure what you expect from us
[20:09] <agronholm> how is this related to jython?
[20:11] <magyar> agronholm: I'm trying to write a script that would call a command and parse the output as input into a for loop.
[20:12] <agronholm> that still doesn't answer either of my questions
[20:12] <magyar> the program takes jython script, so instead of doing manually I would like to learn how to script it
[20:12] <agronholm> why jython and not cpython?
[20:13] <agronholm> cpython is generally easier to work with
[20:13] <magyar> agronholm: the program that I use form IBM is using -lang jython , no option for cpython
[20:15] <agronholm> well, I'm not about to start writing scripts for you, but the subprocess module lets you execute external commands
[20:15] <xemdetia> magyar, what product
[20:16] <magyar> xemdetia: wsadmin.sh
[20:16] <magyar> xemdetia: I think it's part of websphere
[20:16] <xemdetia> google seems to agree
[20:18] <xemdetia> It makes sense that there is no cpython as websphere is a java war container
[20:18] <magyar> xemdetia: it's their management program for j2ee i think
[20:19] <magyar> xemdetia: so instead of using gui, one can use jython to write scripts and pass it to wsadmin program
[20:19] <magyar> i think that is the logic
[20:19] <xemdetia> as makes sense. Can you repaste your paste?
[20:19] <xemdetia> Well if it's not java it can't interface with the running JVM easily
[20:19] <xemdetia> that's the logic of why it is jython
[20:20] <magyar> xemdetia: sure: http://pastebin.com/YiQEPe83
[20:22] <magyar> actually this one is better https://bpaste.net/show/45a43985b91f
[20:23] <xemdetia> that one expired
[20:23] <xemdetia> or I can't reach it
[20:23] <magyar> one sec
[20:25] <magyar> http://pastebin.com/J5gHK5rR
[20:28] <xemdetia> magyar I think the main thing is you are describing your lists wrong
[20:29] <magyar> xemdetia: sorry I'm not sure what you meant by that
[20:29] <xemdetia> after looking at some of the stuff available on infocenter it is clear that you should be passing a python list to AdminTask's methods. e.g.: AdminTask.setProcessDefinition (['-interactive']).
[20:29] <xemdetia> In your pastes you demonstrate doing AdminTask.method('[-mycommand]')
[20:30] <magyar> ohh i see
[20:30] <xemdetia> It may be prudent to utilize the help command for more information about forming your automation commands. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSEQTP_6.1.0/com.ibm.websphere.base.doc/info/aes/ae/txml_gethelp.html
[20:31] <magyar> so, the way it goes down in my head, I think like bash. So I would issue a AdminTask.method('[-mycommand]') and then I would use a method to parse the output to the new AdminTask.method('[-mycommand]') to create the changes in the jvm
[20:32] <xemdetia> no. It is likely that WS reads the jython you present as jython and then executes it
[20:32] <xemdetia> I cannot confirm that operation
[20:33] <xemdetia> so if it doesn't make sense as python, WS is not going to present correct results
[20:35] <magyar> hmm, ok. I need to read more I guess, my comprehension is a bit skewed
[20:36] <xemdetia> good luck!
[20:36] <magyar> xemdetia: if I execute wsadmin -j jython my AdminTask.method('[-mycommand]') returning valid restults
[20:37] <magyar> ok, thanks xemdetia
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