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[1:58] <xie_> hi
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[2:00] <xie_> Do you know how to stop the execfile function?
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[12:25] <peke_> jimbaker: zz_gthank: We have used __slots__ with code that runs both on CPython and Jython. We did memory profiling only on CPython, and there memory savings were considerable. We used them in a model that is created based on an XML file, and with huge files there are millions of objects.
[12:26] <peke_> Could fairly easily do some testing w/ and w/o slots on Jython if there's interest.
[12:28] <peke_> jimbaker: I'm looking at creating a pull request to add Popen.pid. So far forged and cloned https://github.com/jythontools/jython
[12:28] <peke_> I got two questions:
[12:30] <peke_> 1) Are there up-to-date instructions how to run tests somewhere? README.txt didn't have anything about that and there is no BUILD.txt or similar.
[12:33] <peke_> 2) Where should tests be added? In the comments of http://bugs.jython.org/issue2221 you said it should go to test_subprocess_jy.py, but that file seems to contain something totally unrelatd like tests for populating JYTHON_OPTS correctly.
[12:35] <peke_> Is lib-python/2.7/test/test_subprocess.py executed when running all tests? I looked at it briefly, and it seems to have tests that cannot work on Jython currently but aren't skipped either.
[12:37] <peke_> There doesn't seem to be any explicit test for pid, but some tests use it. Should explicit pid test be actually submitted as a patch or pr to CPython?
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[13:01] <paolo> peke_: for your q1 try have a look at this https://wiki.python.org/jython/JythonDeveloperGuide#Tests and follow the link
[13:02] <paolo> i don't know if that docs is up to date, but i followed what it says and had no problems.
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[15:04] <peke_> paolo: thanks!
[15:05] <peke_> jimbaker: `ant regrtest` says 'test_subprocess skipped -- Use of the `subprocess' resource not enabled
[15:06] <peke_> Should running test_subprocess be enabled? I'm fairly certain it contains tests that cannot pass on Jython, at least yet, but probably it would be better to skip them explicitly.
[15:06] <peke_> explicitly -> individually
[15:49] <peke_> jimbaker: here's a pr: https://github.com/jythontools/jython/pull/12
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[20:16] <jimbaker> peke_, that's a good point, we probably enable that resource by default
[20:17] <jimbaker> peke_, zz_gthank, re __slots__, i would suspect that for real usage, one would prefer java objects. possibly extending PyObject for the best of both. even better is when we make expose functionality available to third party code
[20:17] <jimbaker> (which makes the PyObject parts super simple to do)
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