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[3:24] <jimbaker> gthank, yes, still working on openstack. gave a talk on monday with some of my colleagues on javaone
[3:24] <jimbaker> talk to you when you're next on line!
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[11:16] <paolo> agronholm_: do you know how to daemonize the gateway server in py4j?
[11:16] <paolo> actually i start the server with java MyPy4jFacade
[11:17] <paolo> but it starts a foreground process, while i'd like to have a service i can control with supervisord or something similar
[11:18] <paolo> do you think it's possible?
[11:20] <paolo> if for some reason the gw server crashes i'd like to be able to restart it automatically
[11:26] <paolo> nvm, i think i can handle that reading supervisord docs. i'll ask more specific questions eventually later, sorry for disturbing
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[13:03] <agronholm_> paolo: I've done that in the past but I'm not doing it anymore since py4j gained the ability to launch the server by itself
[13:05] <paolo> i'd prefer to use py4j with unix pipes instead of tcp. i run the gateway server on a shared server and everyone there can connect to
[13:05] <paolo> do i say right?
[13:05] <paolo> agronholm_: i'll look better
[13:06] <agronholm_> paolo: the gateway launcher uses a random port by default
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[13:07] <agronholm> and py4j was coded in such a way that a refactoring is necessary to support pipes
[13:08] <agronholm> and pipes are troublesome to support on windows since you can't use select
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[16:33] <Doxin> I'm trying to call a java library, but it keeps giving this error I don't understand. http://paste.pound-python.org/show/iswKpapTIF18csaejQhy/ for the code and the error it produces
[16:43] <Doxin> anyone got any clue what's going on? https://github.com/Mojang/LegacyLauncher/blob/master/src/main/java/net/minecraft/launchwrapper/Launch.java is the java code where it seems to go wrong
[16:50] <paolo> Doxin: does it change something adding the jars to CLASSPATH?
[16:51] <Doxin> paolo: if you look at my paste I do change sys.path if that's what you mean
[16:52] <paolo> i usually add jars to classpath, not to sys.path
[16:52] <Doxin> paolo: how would I do that?
[16:52] <Doxin> and how will that fix the issue?
[16:52] <paolo> just guessing.
[16:53] <Doxin> I'm willing to try
[16:53] <Doxin> but how would my code change?
[16:55] <paolo> i'd try to export CLASSPATH=/path/launchwrapper-1.11.jar:/path/jopt-simple-4.5.jar
[16:55] <Doxin> right
[16:55] <paolo> instead of append to sys.path
[16:58] <Doxin> paolo: that just gives me java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/logging/log4j/Level
[17:00] <paolo> try to add log4j.jar to the classpath
[17:02] <Doxin> gimme a sec
[17:03] <Doxin> oh
[17:03] <Doxin> yay!
[17:03] <Doxin> paolo: working nowe
[17:03] <paolo> yay it worked!
[17:03] <paolo> or why not?
[17:03] <paolo> ah ok, it does ;)
[17:04] <Doxin> I mean I got more errors, but I can probably solve those myself :D
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[18:47] <Doxin> urllib and urllib2 always give me an "Unmapped Exception" when retrieving an url. see http://paste.pound-python.org/show/9yp0iGHOKI51PSrwyqXU/ for the traceback. what's going wrong here?
[18:48] <agronholm> bug in the new socket code
[18:48] <Doxin> oh
[18:48] <Doxin> agronholm: any way to fix it on my end?
[18:48] <Doxin> I'd rather not go down a version
[18:48] <agronholm> probably not, I wasn't aware of this
[18:48] <agronholm> not that it's my code
[18:49] <Doxin> hmm
[18:49] <paolo> which version of jython?
[18:50] <agronholm> it uses NIO so it has to be 2.7b3
[18:50] <Doxin> 2.7b3 indeed
[18:50] <agronholm> Doxin: something is going wrong in the code, and then something goes sideways when jython tries to raise the proper exception
[18:50] <agronholm> so you might just fix the original cause of the problem
[18:51] <Doxin> which would be what?
[18:51] <agronholm> heck if I know
[18:51] <Doxin> lol
[18:51] <agronholm> something leads to urllib2.py line 1184 where it raises a URLError
[18:51] <agronholm> find out why that happens
[18:52] <paolo> Doxin: you can try to use the repository tip instead of b3, i know some change to sockets has been made (not sure if relevant for you)
[18:52] <Doxin> right
[18:52] <Doxin> paolo: where can I find the repo?
[18:52] <paolo> git@github.com:jythontools/jython.git
[18:52] <agronholm> that's not the official repo
[18:53] <paolo> ops, sorry
[18:53] <agronholm> hg.python.org/jython
[18:53] <Doxin> oh dang how does hg work again
[18:53] <agronholm> hg clone <address>
[18:53] <Doxin> right
[18:54] <Doxin> then that url is wrong?
[18:54] <Doxin> repository not found
[18:54] <paolo> hg clone https://hg.python.org/jython
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[18:55] <Doxin> right that works
[18:55] <agronholm> you need the http(s):// in front, otherwise hg thinks it's a local path
[18:55] <Doxin> I see
[19:00] <Doxin> now for a stupid question: I did a developer-build using ant. now what?
[19:00] <agronholm> you probably want jar-complete instead
[19:01] <agronholm> I never figured out how to use the developer jar :)
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[19:04] <Doxin> ah
[19:04] <Doxin> well nvm for now
[19:04] <Doxin> my roof is leaking horribly
[19:04] <mutuca> hello anyone here use emacs to develop with jython?
[19:04] <Doxin> so I need to rescue some shit from the water
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[21:45] <merapi> how does one uninstall jython from windows
[21:47] <agronholm> merapi: remove the installation directory
[21:48] <merapi> is that all? how about registry or path changes?
[21:48] <agronholm> the java installer knows nothing about windows specific stuff
[21:49] <merapi> Thank you very much for the info!
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