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[0:31] <frase> jimbaker: thanks for you attention to that issue
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[16:48] <sidrero> hello
[16:48] <sidrero> I have a problem when using the jython interactive console in eclipse via PyDev
[16:49] <sidrero> for some reason the last level of identation generates a "no viable input" error
[16:49] <sidrero> any ideas of what to do?
[17:38] <jimbaker> sidrero, i know fwierzbicki has been looking at these sort of issues. the thing to know is that the interactive console has a slightly different grammar. not certain about pydev specifics
[17:39] <sidrero> I see
[17:39] <sidrero> quite strange because even simple things like an if or a for breaks
[17:43] <jimbaker> sidrero, yeah, it
[17:44] <jimbaker> is a consequence of how how challenging it is. antlr 4 apparently helps with incremental parsing, so we might do a better job in a future release
[17:46] <xemdetia> ugh i forgot about antlr4
[17:49] <jimbaker> xemdetia, one of my rackspace colleagues is a core dev, so he's been promoting it to me
[17:49] <jimbaker> something we should do for jython 3.x. presumably
[17:49] <xemdetia> yeah we use antlr3 right now
[17:49] <xemdetia> for just this weird thing
[17:49] <xemdetia> but antlr4 doesn't have the C++ target yet though
[17:54] <jimbaker> so as i understand it, anltr 4 doesn't require as much node construction so it will be much lighterweight than our current usage. probably will reduce our startup times significantly
[17:55] <jimbaker> especially because we can use python objects to wrap AST nodes, upon usage, vs having to expose so many classes which is contributing to class bloat
[17:56] <xemdetia> hmm. That's interesting. I really haven't gotten to look at it that deeply yet I just know it is on the TODO list
[17:56] <xemdetia> everything is broken when you're part of a team
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