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[18:36] <rtdos> is jython compatible with both python 2x and or 3x versions?
[18:49] <jimbaker> rtdos, only 2.x. we have versions for 2.1, 2.2, 2.5, and under dev 2.7
[18:49] <jimbaker> we plan to start work on 3.5 in earnest at pycon in montreal in april
[18:51] <jimbaker> note that there's a lot of code shared internally in cpython betwen 2.7 and 3.3, so it's not so hopeless :)
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[19:01] <rtdos> cpython? that something different than jpython?
[19:01] <xemdetia> rtdos, cpython = python.org's python
[19:01] <rtdos> ah, ok. but can't wait for 3x version to come out. the python devs seem to be getting antsy about anyone still using 2x. :)
[19:02] <xemdetia> I still would be surprised if 2x ever dies
[19:02] <xemdetia> it's become pretty cobol'd
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[19:29] <jimbaker> there are some nice goodies in 3.4, and 3.5 promises more. i'm especially interested in the possibility of adding optional static typing, and how that can be of interest in better java integration
[19:29] <jimbaker> so i plan to in fact help contribute to a forthcoming pep on that
[19:30] <jimbaker> (mostly to make sure it plays well with being on the jvm!)
[19:30] <xemdetia> Oh that's interesting
[19:30] <xemdetia> I am currently stuck maintaining things from years ago
[19:30] <xemdetia> so I pretend 3 doesn't exist
[19:30] <xemdetia> lalalaalalala
[19:30] <jimbaker> xemdetia, ;)
[19:30] <xemdetia> 2.4.3
[19:31] <jimbaker> until recently, i have been so focused on 2.7, i have been doing the same. but now it's almost out. yes, we have some more bugs to fix. something like 39 i have triaged for beta 4
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[19:31] <jimbaker> but almost all are pretty small
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[19:32] <jimbaker> we even have patches or pull requests for a few
[19:34] <xemdetia> that's cool
[19:34] <xemdetia> I haven't been able to get my head out of this ssl thing lately
[19:34] <xemdetia> and I threw out my back because I'm that cool of a guy
[19:39] <jimbaker> xemdetia, sorry to hear about your back, that's a tough injury. for myself, i found walking on uneven surfaces was very therapeutic, like a massage i suppose
[19:39] <xemdetia> I actually just got a massage last night
[19:39] <xemdetia> I moved into my new apartment all by myself and I threw out my back doing it
[19:40] <xemdetia> I usually can loosen up after a few days when it happens but this time I had no luck
[19:40] <xemdetia> so after the nice lady beat me with a wrench I'm much better
[19:40] <jimbaker> xemdetia, reminds me of an arrangement some colleagues made many years ago when i moved from providence to boston. they noted, hey, lots of uhaul vans available in providence. and we need one too
[19:40] <xemdetia> jimbaker, that's exactly what I did
[19:40] <xemdetia> more or leass
[19:40] <jimbaker> but because of LIFO stacking
[19:40] <jimbaker> i was screwed
[19:40] <xemdetia> but I was going Amherst -> Boston
[19:40] <xemdetia> :)
[19:40] <xemdetia> Are you RI jim?
[19:41] <jimbaker> i helped them move, but they were too tired by the time the truck finally made it to my new apt
[19:41] <jimbaker> understandably, it was midnight, and it was a big truck
[19:41] <jimbaker> but....
[19:41] <jimbaker> so i used to live in providence/warwick, but not since 1997
[19:41] <xemdetia> ah, no I'm originally from in RI
[19:42] <xemdetia> since the comparitive odds of running into a RI person are slim it's always fun
[19:42] <jimbaker> i'm now in boulder colorado
[19:42] <xemdetia> my aunt lives there
[19:42] <xemdetia> I hear about it all the time
[19:42] <xemdetia> why is boulder so popular D:
[19:43] <jimbaker> because it's beautiful and there's so much to do if one likes the outdoors. that works for me :)
[19:43] <jimbaker> but i do miss kayaking on the east coast. or digging for clams. fun stuff
[19:44] <jimbaker> xemdetia, re ssl - have you looked at what we are supporting in 2.7 beta 3/trunk?
[19:45] <xemdetia> I haven't
[19:45] <xemdetia> I've been focused on a non-python project for that
[19:45] <xemdetia> trying to compress a ecdhe into something as small as possible
[19:46] <xemdetia> I still have to get my footing in the jython source
[19:48] <jimbaker> xemdetia, ahh fun. would be worthwhile comparing w/ bouncycastle
[19:49] <xemdetia> It would be! I'm just doing something relatively zany
[19:49] <xemdetia> and my options of what is actually available is very limited
[19:52] <xemdetia> human-dhe
[19:52] <jimbaker> xemdetia, there are a couple of outstanding bugs in our ssl implementation around some basic encoding questions that need to be fixed... ;)
[19:53] <jimbaker> basically asn stuff
[19:53] <xemdetia> ahhh
[19:53] <xemdetia> interesting
[19:53] <xemdetia> let me add that to the book
[19:53] <jimbaker> doesn't impact usage, but it does introspection of a given cert
[19:54] <jimbaker> so easy enough to fix, and obviously not highest priority. but still sort of cool stuff
[19:55] <xemdetia> I will have to see if I can make some time
[19:56] <jimbaker> xemdetia, cool, thanks!
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