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[12:17] <grey_> Any thoughts at all regarding http://bugs.jython.org/issue2206 (jython association on Windows)?
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[13:10] <SylvainM> i have found the solution of my bugs with error code 20000
[13:11] <SylvainM> the problem was on some servers jython is started with JavaPOSIX implementation (not native)
[13:12] <SylvainM> this implementation has a method errno() which return 0
[13:12] <SylvainM> and 0 is not mapped to an Errno constant
[13:12] <SylvainM> that why the 20000 error code
[13:13] <SylvainM> for solving it i have run jython with the debug mode
[13:13] <SylvainM> at the starting jython need to write on the /tmp partition
[13:14] <SylvainM> but /tmp has the option noexec for us
[13:14] <SylvainM> when we remove the noexec option jython starts with the native implementation
[13:14] <SylvainM> and the error code are well mapped because it use libc
[13:15] <SylvainM> well i think it should be good to add a WARNING message at the starting of jython when it runs with the java implementation
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[14:23] <agronholm> what JavaPOSIX
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[14:34] <SylvainM> agronholm javaposix is a class from jnr-posix.jar
[14:34] <SylvainM> which is a dependency of jython
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[15:12] <Ne0nd0g> Does anyone in here use Eclipse for an IDE with Jython?
[15:12] <agronholm> I do
[15:14] <Ne0nd0g> i'm having one hell of a time getting a .jar file into my class path. I want to include the .jar file with my PyDev package. I've made a folder called 'libs' in the root of my PyDev package. Does that sound appropriate?
[15:14] <agronholm> creating a directory named "lib" does not magically insert it into the class path
[15:15] <agronholm> or "libs"
[15:15] <agronholm> you have to put every jar separately on the class path in the project settings
[15:15] <Ne0nd0g> right, I understand that. but I want to make sure i setup the package structure right
[15:16] <Ne0nd0g> i used the java 'ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader()' to view my CLASSPATH. I then put the .jar in one of the directories, but still no luck
[15:16] <Ne0nd0g> it's the MySQL driver
[15:16] <agronholm> like I said, putting jars in directories does not affect the class path
[15:17] <agronholm> the exception is the boot class path
[15:17] <Ne0nd0g> I thought the point of a class path was the same as path, to read in or associate all the files in those directories?
[15:17] <agronholm> where putting a jar in the ext/ directory in your JRE will add it automatically
[15:17] <agronholm> you have to add each jar separately, or use a wildcard path
[15:17] <agronholm> like libs/*
[15:17] <agronholm> that will also work
[15:18] <agronholm> not libs/*.jar, but libs/*
[15:18] <Ne0nd0g> would I be adding 'libs/*' to my PyDev project itself?
[15:18] <Ne0nd0g> or just to eclipse
[15:18] <agronholm> what's the difference?
[15:20] <Ne0nd0g> The application will be run by other users. They won't have eclipse.
[15:21] <agronholm> how will the class path get set up then
[15:21] <Ne0nd0g> idk, that's what i'm here tring to figure out. How do I include a library with my PyDev package?
[15:21] <agronholm> how do you distribute your app? I use java web start for that
[15:22] <Ne0nd0g> i've never distributed an app. I have mediocre programming skills with plain ole Python. I just email the .py file. I've programmed in Java like 6 years ago and forgot most of what I know
[15:23] <agronholm> ooh boy
[15:23] <Ne0nd0g> lol
[15:23] <agronholm> sounds like you're in way over your head
[15:23] <Ne0nd0g> meh, i'll figure it out
[15:23] <Ne0nd0g> always do
[15:24] <Ne0nd0g> I've already got my Jython app with a JDesktopPane, some menus, and some frames. Now I just need to connect to a database so I can start getting data.
[15:25] <Ne0nd0g> So, do I have some false understanding? Is it not possible to include the MySQL .jar driver in with my PyDev package for distribution?
[15:26] <agronholm> it is
[15:26] <agronholm> if you want a single jar, you can use jarjar for that
[15:27] <Ne0nd0g> and if I wanted to this, is having a 'libs' directory in my PyDev package the most appropriate way to store the library?
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[15:41] <agronholm> you could do that, but your distribute jar file won't have that directory
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[16:48] <wangofett> 'morning. I'm using Maven to build/install a webapp and I'm using the http://mavenjython.sourceforge.net/compile/ plugin to compile my project.
[16:49] <wangofett> but for some reason my libraries are going to WEB-INF/classes/Lib, but my path (as reported by sys.path) has WEB-INF/lib/Lib
[16:49] <wangofett> Anyone know how to fix that? I've been searching Google & SO to no avail
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[19:19] <wangofett> http://stackoverflow.com/q/25876760/344286
[19:34] <Ne0nd0g> agronholm, how do I add 'libs/*'? The information I find online doesn't appear to work with either the version of eclipse i'm using or the PyDev package.
[19:36] <agronholm> Ne0nd0g: you mean where do you add libs/* to your eclipse configuration?
[19:37] <Ne0nd0g> Yes
[19:38] <agronholm> eclipse doesn't support wildcards
[19:38] <Ne0nd0g> can I not add it just for this project's configuration?
[19:38] <agronholm> you have to add each jar separately
[19:40] <Ne0nd0g> Project->Properties->?
[19:40] <agronholm> what type of project do you have
[19:40] <agronholm> Jython?
[19:41] <agronholm> Ne0nd0g: PyDev - PYTHONPATH
[19:42] <agronholm> but unless you have a Java project, it won't add the jar to the class path
[19:42] <Ne0nd0g> I have a pydev project
[19:44] <Ne0nd0g> finally, I got it figured out
[19:44] <agronholm> ?
[19:44] <Ne0nd0g> Well, you got it figured out, I just don't have to keep finding the answer.
[19:45] <Ne0nd0g> I added the 'libs' dir where you suggested, PyDev - PYTHONPATH
[19:46] <agronholm> hmm, but that alone shouldn't add any jars to the class path
[19:47] <Ne0nd0g> it did, my code works fine now
[19:48] <Ne0nd0g> as soon as I ran it, i got a message back from the console showing that it found the mysql jar and the database query was working
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[22:33] <jimbaker> grey_, re http://bugs.jython.org/issue2206 - we are not going to be adding .jy as a file extension for python, including jython
[22:34] <jimbaker> now, you can name a script with any extension you want, but .py for a module is too baked in to what python does
[22:34] <jimbaker> i don't know if there's something more we can do than the file associations you are already doing for scripts
[22:35] <jimbaker> for example: it would be interesting to support some sort of virtual env in windows for such associations. but i assume it would be similar to what cpython does regardless
[22:35] <jimbaker> or what people do with cpython
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